Wednesday, December 24, 2008

When Creativity Gets Overboard

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It has been plain sailing in KL, pretty simple holiday, just relax.

It is timely for me to take some breather and to blog.

Since it has been plain and dull, desmond-t decides to give you some twists he has extracted from some funny links. Theme of the day is all about exams.

Here you go... People tend to get super ultra mega creative when it comes to tedious exam questions.

Why not just make it simpler... and humorous?!

I bet many of you may have seen this. "Expand" has numerous meaning right? Pretty unfair for the lecturer to have give him a big Wrong, well at least half mark for his creativity!

He changed the whole question! This guy is out of his mind... He integrated batman into Bruce Wayne.

Wakakaka...there is no limit for answers!

When you can't get the answer, you'd try to get as close to the answer!

He is clearly pissed off with the lecturer.

Kekekekekeke!!! Can you agree more? So offensive!

He truly answered on his own. Very good explanation.

and yet, he/she can't be wrong!

He left it to God to decide his exam grades.

Hey! He got a tick for this!

When questions are too hard to answer, it is suicidal!

Behold, it's getting more and more funny!

Wahaha...children nowadays learn the F word earlier than they learn about animals!

He can draw pretty well and cool description... Holding his testes and created a kungfu gland as well

Fyi, F7 key is spelling check key. Plus point with the drawing.

I gladly regard this as the best answer script!

This is confusing!

This is insane!

This is blasphemy!

Cheers, have a joyous Christmas holidays!

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wonderful Semester Break

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Well, I'm done with my 7th semester in my university life. One more to go, and I will be heading to the industry or the corporate world. Working life it is.

To be true, I can't take it anymore. Studying at the age of 23 , the 16th year in a row, non-stop is a lil' bit too much. Things have changed and so is the status quo of being a teenager.

What I really want in life? I begin to ponder about my future and it looks pretty bleak with the current economy meltdown situation.

Argh... forget about it. I just want to have fun and I really had fun these past few days.

First up, Suplex 2008 Annual Camping cum Gathering. This time around, we changed the venue from Pantai Kerachut to Sg. Sedim in Kulim. After 7 years in the long stretch of beach, the venturez finally agreed for a change and indeed everyone enjoyed it very well.

Whitewater rafting for the second time was terrifying but I enjoyed it. With a higher water volume, it means higher speed, and of cos higher level of difficulty! I even flew out of my boat at the Kiss Drop, making me almost a drowned man!... It was really an experience not to be forgotten, I would say, at least it is far worse than the Giant Drop at the Dreamworld Gold Coast.

Tubing was meant to massage our backside. We got most of our injuries from tubing, cos most of us controlled our tubes badly. I was lucky to be the only one surviving the Rodeo Drop without capsizing my tube, but the cheeky raft guide finally made me surrender by toppling me upside down at the creek. I was washed away by the heavy current!

As usual, we planned for an improved lunch and BBQ dinner and this time around, everything seem to be extraordinary improved. From basic lunch of chicken rice, this time we got ourselves seafood in Portuguese Grill style! Sting rays, roasted chickens, luxury fried rice, and calamari... WOW! The food is always too much to be savoured.

Lastly, we went to the Restaurant Kolam Ikan at Mahang. This restaurant is well known and even promoted by Jason a.k.a Ah Xian in the Food TV Series "Taste With Jason" at Astro AEC Channel 301. Fresh water fishes caught directly from the ponds behind the restaurant thus making the food superbly fresh and fresh and FRESH!

and now, I'm back in KL with a smile. At least, I enjoyed myself to the max before I return to my sorrowful life of studying...rubbing my backache now... Sigh...

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