Friday, November 21, 2008

What's Happening at My v2.0 Blog

If you're looking for food, the whole month of October and November 2008 was just terrific for food hunting with Desmond-t. Here are the latest excerpt of food-blog:

Also, coming soon are the food hunting galore in KL featuring cheap RM5.00 western food, Chilli Pan Mee at Kin Kin Restaurant (Chow Kit), Chocolate Mill Crepe at Food Foundry SS17, and many more.

Yes, examinations period has just concluded. Desmond-t is a free man, again. While he is setting his mind free for at least a couple of weeks, more adventures are coming up. Perhaps more food hunting? Tanjung Tualang massive prawns maybe coming up again... My second visit there since it was so mesmerizing that the succulent taste of the prawn still lingers in my mind till today!

Not forgetting it's exercise time! Time to work out my feeble little body and at least have some shape on my body. It has bee really plain and boring two months. It is time to get going again! Gym, here I come!

Football and futsal are definitely not to be missed. Desmond-t is searching for more futsal kaki to play with in KL and PJ areas while EPL (or BPL you guys call it now) weekends are not to be missed! Gosh, I missed so many matches throughout this season! Go Manchester United all the way!

With Formula1 season just ended with a rather dissapointing finish to my hero Felipe Massa, let's hope Ferrari would have a good testing season right now and wrestle the title back to Ferrari drivers.

What else? Hell yeah, holidays definitely means more and more blogging time! It's time to revive all my blogs! Be it my v1.0, v2.0 blogs and my music portal, full of updates from today onwards!

Recently, I put up my ads back again from Advertlets, which meant I no longer have my Glitterati status in Nuffnang. How does that affect my earnings? Hmm, many said that Advertlets don't pay well or rather don't pay at all...How true is that? Shall I revert back to be a Glitterati member again? Heck, recently no ads from Nuffnang to me as well LOL.

Guess it does not make any difference to me ya?

Stay tune for more updates and keep on drooling!

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