Friday, November 21, 2008

Cheap Food Coming Soon

I just came back from a sumptuos meal from PJ area. A very cheap meal indeed with hell lot of a discount. Yes, it is a very rare occasion that you can actually find discount on food. What's more when it is not a fast food deal, it is just and ordinary stall and you can see so obvious that people start flocking to the restaurant when the promotion period begins.

Awesomely cheap food and the food taste equally nice. Hardly you can find such type of deal in KL. Desmond-t going to recommend to you all this nice food place and for the moment, please stay tuned to this blog.

Beginning to drool already? Hehe... That's what life is for, to live by great food is such a way to enjoy life. We live to eat, not eat to live. That's the way life should be, at least for Desmond-t. LOL That's all for now, till then, stay tuned.

Cheers and bon appetite!

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