Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Semester, New Challenge

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It is going to be a challenge indeed.
10 more months before my graduation.
Simply means this is the toughest period in my varsity life.
Thesis being my primary challenge.
I'm totally new and ain't knowing anything that I might be expecting.
Prof. Haseeb's killing spree is back again, chopping down's everyone's CGPA.
New lecturer's dismal showing, walking off classes sort off having a guy-PMS.
Nevertheless, to live away from Penang, away from family and my bi... it sucks.
Knowing more financial crisi might be hitting me in future, that's worrying.
All I have to bear in mind right now, is just to persevere pass this 10 freaking months!
p/s: Oops, one month already passed. So it is 10-1= 9 gruelling months left!

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Back to Reality

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I'm Back!!

It was like heaven is a place on earth.

But now, going back to another shit hole.
Uni, here I come...
More pictures dazzling to come from my previous trips...

Needless for me to say where this is.

but how about this place!

It was madness!!

It is LIFE !

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