Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Day I Left Intel...

First of all, welcome me back to the blogsphere!
It's been relatively more than a month since I last blogged.
Limited connectivity to the internet and tiredness from work made me even lazier to blog.

Anyway and anyhow, yesterday I finally completed my internship at Intel Technology, Penang. It was an emotional feeling after enduring 6 months of working environment. I must conclude that I would never have any better learning experience in my life other than training at Intel. Initially, I never wanted to start internship life but now...I never want it to end.

It all came to me as a surprise, right from the day I attempted to apply for an internship position. I was told that Intel only accept undergrads with excellent CGPA, that's where in my mind was thinking that Intel really have quota and specialized training for undergrads. Yes, in fact according to several engineers. I was interviewed by this guy who later became my supervisor.

I would say I was totally clueless on how my interview turned out to be. After numerous offers from various multinational companies, I decided to pick Intel. Yea, they were the first to reply to me and I prolly accepted. That's where my journey began.

Back in 3rd December, I put myself for the first time in the industrial world. Without a single knowledge of any of Intel backgrounds, I came to learn from scratch of what is a chipset and how it was produced. Interesting? Well, as a materials engineering undergrad, honestly I do not think I have any major role to play in Test Department. My take was a pure gamble, as I am so sick about materials. I headed for manufacturing instead, moreover it's in high volume manufacturing.

My internship brought me to highlight two excellent individuals. Two of which I would pay tribute for shaping me to be who I am today. Both of them were my bosses, my coaches and most of all... my friends. Without them, my tenure in Intel will be like those lost souls that were left neglected in the hectic and tensed office and production floors. I salute their relentless effort in guiding me... tireless and patience in training me eventhough I've made mistakes. Even if they were in deepest of troubles, they would be just calm and focused. What's more when they never forget to wear a smile and can still be humorous during problematic times. This totally changed my approach towards a true definitive working life.

I myself believe it was not about work and only work in Intel. These people showed me how important networking was and how to engage myself with people regardless of their background. There comes the sweet memories in the lounge where I get to know so many people. Big time managers to small time interns, all were there just to mingle around and have fun. This is the place where they treat interns just like other engineers as well, unlike certain places where interns were treated like cheap labours and slaves. Well, I shall not forget to mention that's where I'd picked up foosball too. LOL

Apart of meetings, trainings, maintenance programs, assignments, experiments, trackings, audits, reports, data crunching... it never ends there. Gym sessions, makan-makan sessions, car test-drives sessions which were all during off working hours were pure fun and fantastic.

There's so many activities that I've played my part in Intel, all of them have their special memories and most of them were just amazing. I knew I can never finish mentioning all the great time I had over there, but there is only one thing that I can do... which is to sincerely thank each and every Intelier that had coloured my life in the past 6 months. It was just...awesome.


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SlowCatchUpKuan said...

internship? no wonder missing from here for so long

nag said...

cool having u on board in intel dude..ya.. remember all the code words we tought u...hashhahha lol