Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mind Your Breath!

I've been meeting and seeing a lot of people lately.
Be it friends or family, people from all walks of life...
I realize that your breaths have all it takes to change your future.

Trust me,...
Even you have the mouth like David Letterman or even Oprah Winfrey,
but if your breaths are just disgusting...

You're going nowhere,... but toilet right now!

Resuscitate yourself before you die!

Even Rocky Balboa and Mike Tyson got KO'ed


Got what I mean now?
Go brush your teeth right now!
Have a nice weekend!

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JJzai said...

this is funny.
Have a happy weekend to you too.

SilverIsle said...

Take chewing gum! =P

levian said...

hahaha !! this is one funny post. XD

Kijar said...

See Please Here

Minny said...

haha love the "hallelujah" one

SaeWei said...

OMG.. kesian~ -_-||| hahaha