Saturday, April 26, 2008

JJCM Part 2 - Sg Pinang

My apologies for letting you guys waiting so long for my Part 2 of JJCM.

This week's edition of Jalan-jalan Cari Makan (JJCM) features...

The Sg. Pinang hawkers.

That's right.

I am goin' local food madness this time.
This Sg. Pinang hawker area is available only for breakfast.

You better be early to grap the fresh and limited bites for yourself.

Here you go.
This is the ever famous Duck Soup Noodle.
a.k.a Ar Tuey Mi Sua
(Duck Drumstick Noodle)

This is the price list.
Only in Mandarin, sobs.

This is the outcome by 9am...
Bet if you go later, definitely no duck drumsticks left for ya.

This is our savoury...

I'd really recommend this.
The Fried Fish+Prawn Bee Hoon.

Initially I received emails promoting this stall.
Well, that's my reason visiting this place.

All for RM4 with 3 fish fillets and 2 medium sized prawns.
Worth it!

Other selection includes the Lor Bak stall.

Also not forgetting the curry mee.
I missed the most about the french toast and the western breakfast stall.
All in all, it's extremely cheap and tasty.
Sometimes, it does not have to be candle lit to have enjoyable meals, rite?

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kshern said...

i just ate there last month. satisfying as always. :)