Saturday, March 15, 2008

Short Laughter For All

Last Friday, I believe everyone in Penang were at their nerves suffering from massive jams all over roads. Be is highway or small roads, it is all crawl from bumper to bumper and heck we Penangites can't do a thing but just listen to radio ro relax.

Such a bullshit for those to go ahead with their worthless effort of demonstration at KOMTAR on a busy Friday. Heck, it is Friday dude!!! Bloody hell you realize on Friday will you be expecting traffic congestion already. You guys go ahead with this poor so-called "riotless" riot, causing me to stuck in the jam due to the closure of the Penang bridge and numerous roadblocks at the Jelutong highway (TESCO) and Sg. Pinang. You guys really have no brains, ya?

Pity those Federal Reserves Unit to go all the way from their camps to the city to see you guys smiling. Elections results are final and I think it is best we give the full mandate to the new government. Your leaders are our leaders as well and I believe they will do their best with the common aim and not to discriminate any races or parties.

Before a short post become to lengthy, I came across this picture while surfing. Holy cow I can imagine this signboard in thr highways.

Sometimes, it keeps drivers unwind and relaxed yeah?

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