Monday, March 10, 2008

Seafood Buffet

Place : Tamarind Brasserie, The Grand Plaza Park Royal Hotel, Penang.

Theme : A Festival of Seafood

Date/Day : Every Saturday, 5 January – 31 March 2008

Time : 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Price : Food only - RM98.00++ (Adults), RM49.00++ (Child)
RM148++(A) – (Food & bottomless Carlsberg Draught Beer, Fruit Juices)
RM284++(A) – (Food & bottomless Chevalier De France Brut Champagne, Evans & Tate Salisbury Wine, Fruit Juices, Soft Drinks and Mineral Water)

Too many pictures to describe. See for yourself.
Excuse my gluttony and extreme appetite.
Here we go!!!
(at random order)

Fully packed, you definitely need reservation. So many angmohs there!

The tiny Japanese counter. Fresh sushi for grab.

Sashimi hill with mini octopus.
Well, all already gone... swimming in my tummy!

The ice sculpture with rose carvings.

They've got muscles mussels and LOBSTERS

The seafood galore.

The LOBSTER platter.

Pucha or otherwise known as stuffed crab.

Cheesy oyster.

The grill corner part I.
Salmon, tiger prawns, sausage and meat.
Well this counter prepare the dishes as your wish of style and taste.
The grill corner part II.
Cuttlefish, sting ray, mussels and seabass.

The crab platter.

The fried prawn platter.

The chocolate fondue with fresh fruits and marshmellows.
Beside is the crepes counter, prepared upon request.

The flower crab platter.

The dessert counter.
Nice cakes and puddings.

The fresh fruits bar.

Dear with her self made German cheese with biscuit.
Delicate and nice.

The chef in the making.

Here is a series of my own platter.
Round one, LOBSTERS, prawns and stuffed crab for me.

Round 2: More LOBSTERS and prawns.

Round 3: Even more LOBSTERS.

Dear with her own LOBSTER.

The table of ten.

Ice cream with longan, lychee and sea coconut.

Moose dessert with chocolate fondue watermelon and papaya.

Egg pudding with mixed fruit pie and cup cakes.

Ice cream filled with almonds and lychee.

After it is all munched and digested.

LOBSTERS been swallowed and digested.

Total damage done: priceless.
This is what I call TOTAL SATISFACTION.
p/s Benny Benassi in my mind right now.
Feel the beat.

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Eve said...

no wonder u say bloated.. makan gila babi wan -__-

every cent worth.

CS said...

yum yum lo....

no more blog reading at night......

make me even more hungry...

but this one i won't be able to try..... wife pregnant,,,,, i dun wan to leaeve her alone...

will try next time... if it came back for me.. :P

tulipspeaks said...

oh my goodness!! :O


ipohchai said...

yeah, I was looking forward for a buffet seafood on my penang trip soon :)