Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Laughter - The Best Medicine

It has been a tiring week, I suppose.

Enough of work stress and pressure.

It's even a holiday for some people on tomorrow.

For those still working on that day, this post is gonna be good for you.

Tadaa... The most common place guys keep their secrets.
Wow... So many categories!

Your children will drag you for this Pokemon airplane!
Pikachu... I choose you!

Wow... Trust me! It works!

Prancing horses in TULAN mode.
They're making fun of their pride.

Magneto's power.
He really got the power!

and finally...

Best of all...

Flashman is alive!



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iCalvyn said...

all the picture cheer my days.especially the magneto one.

should be some kind of accident pic behind la

ruther said...

lolz...these pictures were simply amazing ;)