Saturday, March 15, 2008

F1 Fever Is Back

Well, the Formula One season is back.

This time around you'll gonna be seeing new faces.
New rules.
New cars.
New tyres.
New teams.

Guys, place your bets on whose gonna win the coveted
World Driver's and Constructor's Championship.

Will it be the reigning champion, Kimi Raikkonen?

Will it be the scarlet car with the prancing horse again?

With the new ruling and lesser electronics assistance to the braking system,
the driver will really have to depend on their sheer driving skills.

Let's get the engine started guys!

See you in Albert Park, Melbourne for the first leg of the 2008 series!

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3 people crapped nia? Gimme more!:

CS said...

Kimi still my first choice... hihi...

emm.. to be frank... i love ferrari the best....

and I dun like Alonso at all... as long as the champion is not him... who is the winner... it no longer meant anything.....

Ditaur said...

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sweeheng said...

Finally, the season is starting.

Bring it on, guys!