Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where Is The News?

Now the news is gone. Yes, as expected.

VK Lingam's video inquiry is more interesting.

Moreover, the upcoming election news creating havoc in the local scene.

Edison Chen's "heroic" act even caught more attention than them.

Even today's newspaper only have a small column for little Sharlinie's case.

How about the Slim River Bus Tragedy???


Sad, feeling helpless. We are all expecting this to happen, but nevertheless never give up our faith in our fight. We still have a mission - to create public awareness, to gather apathy from everyone. We won't let our effort to be put in vain and taken for granted.

Instead of waiting for people to reach us, by our representatives and our blogs, we are on the verge of reaching towards the people by our new monthly newsletters. Plans are underway thanks to Sun Tzu II and co. Passengers In Peril should be reaching to you once it is officially up.

Latest updates from our Petition Team includes the current e-signatures number stands at 8947 and the those signatures in black and white is around 3,000 collected by close friends of Nian Ning. It's amazing that it all took place within a week.

Frankly speaking, the rate dropped extremely... where are the rest of the Malaysians? Come on people, show some love by signing our petition. We are still shy from the magic 26,000...

Upon this, we would like to call upon people who have experience in this petition to share their thoughts and idea on the proceedings. You guys can reach me by my mail or just drop me a call. My details are in the Bus Crash No More blog.

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