Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Answer to the Criticisms

Here are my two cents worth of thought for those going AGAINST our Petition in Bus Crash No More.

We have been receiving enormous support all this while. Undeniably, there are some people having different mindsets. Hence, I think I should say something, to clarify the misunderstanding.

1. The sole reason we created this petition is hoping that the authorities would implement safety measures in our transportation system. I think I made this pretty clear in all of my previous posts. But some have the mindset saying our petition is going no where further than what we are facing right now.

Being a Malaysian, I can't deny majority would say that a petition would not probably work as compared to nations like the US. Some queried us that why are we wasting our time knewing that we are gona fail anyway and anyhow? Are they gonna say that everytime I try, I am actually wasting my time?

My answer to them is simple. Put yourself in the shoes of the victim's family. Are you gonna sit down and keep numb? Not doing anything to seek justice? You maybe right that I might not be achieving anything out of this, I already accepted this as a fact, even my legal advisors mentioned to me countless time. But eventually, before we even get the petition started, we envisaged a clear picture in our minds: the outcome of the petition is SECONDARY, at least we tried and do something.

Just like when you know you are not gona score full As for your exam, why do you still mind going to attend the exams? You wont get the scholarship rite!!! But, if you never try, you will never know!

2. Some people expressed their feelings in such a harsh manner to critic our effort, saying that when we do not even have guts to attend ceramah or rallies, why are we having the guts to start a petition? They even questioned that what we have been learning all this while is to be literate, and not to be educated.

I accepted the fact of them being rude and it is their way of expressing their feelings. They claimed to be "educated" maa... Educated people curse nowadays? Nah, I'm not gonna bother about that. But then...does a petition need to be related to attending ceramah and rallies? Are they trying to imply that people who attended ceramah and rallies, they have guts and balls in size of a coconut? This is nonsensicle. I believe and I still have faith in our education system. Many of the people have graduated and doing exceptionally well, but some might not benefit from it. It depends on how you wana train yourself to be, if people say I am uneducated, it's up to their judgement. I won't waste my time arguing with them.

Besides, if those people wanna critic me of having no guts, how about themselves, posting comments ANONYMOUSLY. That is very brave is it? Your own blog don't even have your name! Yet, you are claiming yourself to be "god-like" or hero in the cyberworld, creating waves all over. Yes, we do moderate our comments column to avoid seditious comments. So do you, you also deleted negative remarks by your own readers. You too are saving your own asses, and please look at yourself before you "spit" at others'.

3. The critics on me posting paid posts in my blog and out of a suddent turned into a petition initiator. Does it really matter who initiated a petition? You might say if fehmes bloggers like Jeff Ooi and Nat Tan who stood firm for human rights may influence you. But people like me who write paid post won't give you a shit, nah how come you are writing your own post to go against my petition? Even Jeff Ooi gave a positive remark to us, and also fehmes people like Haris Ibrahim too gave credits and pointers to us. It's not that we want compliments, but we just want to be heard in a proper manner. Of me writing paid post, it should be for my personal interest, not for you to give excuse to blame me for being uninspirational. Yeah, you may think uttering foul languages is cool.

4. In your comments or blog post, there are so many questionable doubt over your political views. Some even mentioned that I am searching for support from the same party where the Transport Minister came from and then after some time, letting him be in power all over again after the issue cools down. Since when do I make my political stands? I have always been neutral in my posts and never do I share any thought about politics. In fact, I hate politics and that makes me an engineer to be. I am not going against the government, but just want them to hear the voice of the public, towards a safer transportation system. I am not going against the opposition either, we need everyone's support, regardless of background or ethnicity.

All you critics have is a negative mindset that a petition like this would never succeed. If everybody think this way, of course it will inevitably fail. Put yourself in the shoes of the victim's family. You are not going to let things to be taken for granted.

I am not pin pointing at anyone in specific. Just from some gruesome emails received from anonymous people. I think the public should share about this too. I prefer not to discuss about politics in my posting, and I hope everybody can respect my privacy too.

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BobbyT said...

I am not debating whether this petition will work or not. I am giving my 2cents regarding how certain things went wrong in handling this petition.

1) Don't influence people into signing the petition by saying "we're supported by famous blogger who-who, and Datuk who-who that also begun the Bersih petition or something". Let people decide for themselves. If you promote this way, does it mean other less famous people who sign to your cause are less significant?

2) I believe someone commented about this petition in a political viewpoint because you guys talked about this Datuk who-who, that started the Bersih petition. As you know, there are people against that petition, so no doubt by using his name, other people with political purpose will stalk and condemn whatever activities you are running.

3) Keep the petition neutral, we want sympathy votes, we want rational votes, we want understanding votes.

Final thought: I support your cause but those things up there really does disturb me a little. It's just my 2cents, you can choose to ignore it. I am also angered that a bus driver who has multiple summons are allowed to continue driving and apparently government is not doing anything about it. Hope you understand where I stand.