Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gym Frenzy

Yes, finally I decided to step into my company's gym after 3 months of working.

I am such a procrastinator, yeah I know that.

Even everyday I listened to " cares" saying I should carry on with my new year resolution and never postponed things up. It did not help me much.

Friend: "Dey, macha... How's your exercising plan goin on?"

d . e . s : "That is my NEXTTTT year's resolution, 2009!"

haha kidding...

In respond to Wanster's gym inspiration, I decided to give it a try after such a long absence.

I remembered the last time I went to gym was back my uni 3 months before my final exam. That was since I last injured my spine due to prolonged hours sitting with laptop in front of me. That should be slouching instead of sitting, LOL...

Prior to that, I had a terrible ankle injury with torn ligament suffered froma futsal tournament. That was well enough to keep me away from gym for the whole of 9 months.

Nevertheless, it was never enough to deter my spirits of boredom from preventing me to hit the gym. Working life is pretty routine, makes me ponder of what I should make a change on myself. Last week, I finally braved myself to go to the gym alone.

My gym routine began last Monday, followed subsequently on Tuesday and Thursday. The first day I tried out practically all the machines, just to get used to it and tune myself to sweat it all out. It was fun.

I followed suit with chest workout on the following days. Lucky me I still remember all the things Kah Wai used to teach me. He is still my idol in gym. His gym prowess simply drives me to push for the extra pound.
I shall be back to the gym tomorrow, with some bicep workout combined with some cardio workout.

p/s: Every man's dream body tone... How I wish one day I can lift my shirt and proudly have a look at my abs, just like him...

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miChi3 said...

*looking at the pic*

if one day you become like him,
remember to take photo! :p

tulipspeaks said...

u wanna be like that guy? :O
geezz.. i really dont understand the obsession men have with 6 packs

ann said...

MrDes...Cant imagine...

Eve said...

eat more eat more... shud have gone mamak with me more..

Ken said...

Heya, thanks for dropping by!

Great job with the photos man, really envy you. keep it up eh?

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Ken said...

oh paiseh, re-read it and realized i made a mistake heheheh..

anyway, keep up the work and post your own washboard-abs pic.

chics beware!