Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back !!!

At last, I got time to blog... again.

I guess all my readers oledi cabut... time to korek them back again LOL

My bad, my bad.

CNY had brought me mixed feelings.

Joy - Meeting up old friends and relatives, sharing moments and laughters together. Really, I can never ask for more!

Health - The past year I was really blessed with great health. Thank goodness. Of course, it was a year where I really whacked a lot of new food.

Wealth - Errrr... this year was a bad beginning with me losing to Eve a couple of times in this annual gamble fest. You can see her comments in my cbox. Sigh.

Solemn - Nian Ning's demise still lie deep within everyone's heart. It is a great loss.

Empty - Life being together with the working class community. Routine 6am wake up- work- eat- sleep over the weekdays and a mere 2 days rest over the weekend. Tired.

Happening - Training under 2 superb guys filled with crazy jokes and laughters. Plus learning a great deal of knowledge. Priceless.

Gaming - Picked up new past time: foosball. Hell of a game that is really addictive. However, still god damn poor at it.

Acts - Planning things up and cracking my brain over the petition stuff. Nice time meeting people from all walks of life, supporting out petition. Learning some legal terms as well as figuring out our rights and limitation.

Now you guys know what I have been up to recently.

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