Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rude Awakening

Normal day it was... Surfing the net was becoming a daily routine.
With the internet connection succumbing to endless problems and auto-disconnection, it is not surprising that someone would actually vent their anger to the local ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Our "Slowmyx" for example. Especially when we are paying more than we are supposed to, of course we expect something marvellous in return. Manalah tahu, dapat pulak tahi seketul.

Here's a conversation of a frustrated user showing his mouth of fury over the "Slowmyx" operator.

Operator :
Good morning.
This is ***** of the "Slowmyx" on the line.
How may I serve you?

Furious User :
Na beh Lu! This morning ah... Mai slowmyx kantoi again, u knoe ah?

Operator :
I'm sorry and regretful on your behalf.
Can you provide me some details regarding what has taken place?

Furious User :
Li-Gret, Li-gret u knoe how to say lah, never see u come and fix also.
Limpek call u duno how many times liao.
Morning morning make me tulan nia.
Kao giak suey!
Faster send somebodi come now.

Operator :
I will check your connection right now.
It seems fine.
Can I have your address so that I can assign a technician to your place?

Furious User :
Nah, my house is 31, Jalan Puki Mak U Lah, KL.
Nah, there... the one near Sunway wan.

Operator :
I'm sorry, sir.
But if you insist to respond in this unruly behaviour, I'm afraid I will have to call it off.

Furious User :
KNN sama lu. Me cakap nice nice, u marah marah apa.
My house address reli lidat ma.
Kenot ah? %$#$%#@@ !!!

Operator :
Excuse me, sir. I'll repeat again...

Furious User :
Wah lan... Gime your e-mail...
I kasi samalu foto of my house address.
U better believe it!
Else limpek gona taroh u kao kao!

hung up...

You better believe it!

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welovepenang said...

haha... WTF... damn funny

levian said...

haha the road sign is simply unbelievable. :D

JacksonywL said...

reallllllly got that road sign??

Eric Koay said...

haha i read before this email...
good job in making it more lawak penang... keke