Monday, January 28, 2008

Links By Fellow Bloggers

In awakening of the tragic accident, the blogsphere is also playing a pivotal role to urge the government to make a positive move. A remedy to curb these "criminals" from driving buses which determine lives of the public. We do not want to risk our lives by taking express buses especially during the festive seasons rite.

As a student myself, I do not have any other option if I choose to return to my hometown except to take these Express Buses. Well, we do not want that when we are boarding the bus, we are practically risking our lives, don't we?

If someone (a driver) who already have a bad record of driving offenses is still allowed to roam in the streets and highways, how many lives is he jeopardizing? Think about it. Have your say be heard by the government.

“I wonder why the authorities still allowed such a monster to roam our streets?” asked Nian Ning's distraught father Lee Hock Chuan, 50.

We, bloggers...also have our say. Here are the links that shared their voices.

J-Ann - Nian Ning's very close friend.
Jason Lim - Nianz friend
Sookie - Nianz schoolmate
Pei Wen - Nianz close friend
Jayelleenelial - Chung Lern's friend
Gregorsan - Nianz friend

There are many more blogs that have shown gret concern on the tragedy. Please leave a remark and links so that others can benefit and share too.

Lee Nian Ning (1987-2008) had two blogs too.
You can view her scribbles of her life.
Click Here To View Her Blogspot
Click Here To VIew Her Xanga

May you rest in peace, Nianz.

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