Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Amazing... It's Getting Attention

As I said, the blogsphere is very powerful source of unity. Today, when you Googled the name of our beloved "Lee Nian Ning", you can definitely defy the odds on how people can share the grief the Lee family is facing. Let us unite and fight for our rights to search for justice for Nian Ning.

I'm gonna repeat myself again.
Let me direct you guys a question.

Do you take Express Buses in MALAYSIA?
If your answer is yes, then I am very sure that you want your safety be assured, right?

So, we shall show how serious we are in dealing with this issue by spreading the safety awareness to the public.

Regardless who owns the 13 summonses, either the driver or the bus that belonged to that "specific" company, one party has to take full responsibility on this incident.

If someone (a driver) or some party (the bus company) who already have a bad record of driving offenses is still allowed to roam in the streets and highways, how many lives is the party jeopardizing? Think about it. Have your say be heard by the government.

“I wonder why the authorities still allowed such a monster to roam our streets?” asked Nian Ning's distraught father Lee Hock Chuan, 50.

Today, the authorities promised to take action against the bus company. Yes it is a positive step already, but yet again, to ensure no more repeating case, we shall make some serious implication to our current transportation system too right?

We, bloggers...also have our say. Here are the latest links that shared their voices.

J-Ann - Nian Ning's very close friend.
Jason Lim - Nianz friend
Sookie - Nianz schoolmate
Pei Wen - Nianz close friend
Jayelleenelial - Chung Lern's friend
Gregorsan - Nianz friend
Jason Mumbles - Celebrity Blogger
Adelyn - Nianz schoolmate
Aronil - Just Me - Nianz long related friend
Jasryn - Nianz junior in school
Piggy Ping
Siciliano888 - Nianz Ausmat Junior
Isaac's Blog
Ming Ming - Nianz Junior in school
Jane Gun - Nianz Senior in UNSW

as long as you are cached and indexed by Google, I will hook you up in this post, updated regularly.

There are many more blogs that have shown gret concern on the tragedy. Please leave a remark and links so that others can benefit and share too.

Lee Nian Ning (1987-2008) had two blogs too.
You can view her scribbles of her life.
Click Here To View Her Blogspot
Click Here To VIew Her Xanga

May you rest in peace, Nianz.

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