Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is It Too Late To Apologize?

Today on morning program, it was a session with Phua Chu Kang, again.

After weeks of listening to this program while driving my way to the office, I realized the show actually began to repeat. As I was about to switch to another radio frequency, something hooked my mind up.

The morning session with Pietro, Ika and Serena C at some instances would include some conversation with PCK from Media Corp Singapore. I can say they provide a morning full of debacle and heated topics which draws attentions from the ladies and the gentlemen too.

Let me highlight this topic, in my personal version.

Is it too late for guys to apologize to girls?

PCK was directed this question and thus putting himself in a frame together with Rosie, PCK's wife in his renowned Singaporean comedy.This time, PCK was just peace.
Totaly different from the long winded and thousand and one reasons that he'd normally give.
A straight answer he gave.

"It's always too late. Needless to say!"

This intrigued some curiousity of both Ika and Serena C, of course!

"No matter how guilty you felt, how sorry you feel, before you made up your mind to say this magical word... Your pocket is definitely going to leak!"

That's the answer that majority of the guys have been sharing with the show.

Pathetically, one gentleman even said that he forked out his savings to buy a diamond ring of god-knows how many carats, a car and an endless shopping spree. Worse still, the so-called ordeal continued for 3 full days.

Personally, I pity this guy lah... I am not so sure what the heck he has done to his girlfriend or wife lah, what I felt is that if he is too terrible to be forgiven, she might as well just dump her, else he is a filthy rich guy lah.

Let me consider the worst case scenarios on how bad can this guy be wrongful to his girlfriend/wife.

Case #1
He cheated her to be with another girl.
Is this considered worst case scenario?
Hell NO...
This case is simple, I'd predict the girl can just dump him, easily.

Case #2
This guy forgot about important dates like valentine's?
Anniversary, maybe? or even her birthday?
Whoaa forget gf/wife's mia birthday is one deep shit condition adeee.
Then I sincerely wish him all the best for his further endeavours liao.

Case #3
He promised her to go for a date or a movie, but in different cars.
Let's say it supposed to be after work.
She waited for him at the cinema, bought his favourite popcorns and so on.
But he forgot about this and went to the cinema too with his colleague.
Only to found out by himself at the cinema to see her gf waiting at the entrance AFTER his show.

Case #4
He was caught red handed with... a mistress?prostitute?
or just doing something "hot" on the dance floor in the club?
I just have a feeling that this guy had done something out of my imagination adee...

Can you guys share with me too on what you have encountered?

On the other hand, PCK commented,

"Once I said 'sorry' ah, I oledi know I surely gonna dig my pockets adee"

He continued, in a different situation,

" Women ah, they said men always know how to waste time and money only, at least the ladies know how to shop, just to look better beside the guys. But they duno when guys shop, we really shop! We buy houses. We buy cars. With those amounts, how can we go shop like the girls used to do everyday?"

I'd say that is so true.

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Pookyma.Com said...

I like the last sentence...

w buy so many house and cars...where got money buy clothes...hahaha

CY said...

Thanks to you, the Timbaland ft. One Republic is playing in my head.

"It's too laaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.........."

Aronil said...


That is pretty funny. And for what it's worth... the guy can apologize, but I think the girls would rather have it if they learn from the mistake. The cinema and the caught with another girl scenario I would so flip! :P