Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Got It From My Mama!

La.. La.. La-dies... (x3)
Here we go now...
Baby, where'd you get your body from??? (x3)
I got it from my Mama... !!!

*WARNING : The following pictures are NOT-SAFE-FOR-WORK !!!

Tonnes of seductive yet sexually appealing photos ahead*

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007

and here we go now after a month since the fashion show was held. Finally I managed to compile all the mouth glittering photos...

... for the ladies to eagerly drool,
... and for the guys to ogle sublimely. LOL

It is time again of the year where the biggest and most anticipated fashion show in the world where the sexiest babes would collaborate to bring the meaning of S-E-X-Y up to another level.

This year's show features the hot and sensational performances from Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas, Seal and also the Spice Girls. Personally speaking, the 2006 edition performances Justin Timberlake still rocks big time.

Before you start ogling at the pictures, before you put your hands out of positions... and before you get seduced by the mind-bobbling beauty of the angels... let me brief you through this year's edition highlights.

This year, I mean 2007, it marks Heidi Klum's ten years at VS and she was made the host for the event and the TV live broadcast. She was marvellous throughout and performed a sweet duet with Seal in the middle of the show. How mesmerizing...

The list of VS Angels again seen some new addition and some ommision too. Marisa Miller made the cut following the Brazillian beauty Gisele Bundchen retired from VS. For your information, to be in the list of Angels, it takes more than natural beauty.

"By having clearly spectacular physical gifts, and... also great energy, great personality. To be an 'Angel' and to be a supermodel for Victoria's Secret, you have to appeal to women, not to men.", as stated by Edward Razek

Here are the list of this year's angels:

Allesandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Selita Ebanks, Karolina Kurkova, Marisa Miller, Miranda Kerr, Izabel Goulard and Heidi Klum.

Alright, let the show begin !!! Set the wings and fly with the beauties of the world!!! Enjoy the beauty of the models and the sexy clothing only ok..nothing else! LOL

Gimme your votes for your favourite picture ya!

Pic #1 - This is the "sexy dracula" type.

Pic #2 - Here's a close up view...

Pic #3 - MarisaHeidi with the Giant Snow Flake.

Pic #4 - The dark angel with an imaginary hat.

Pic #5 - The Selita KISS

Pic #6 - These paper wings just can't fly her up!!!

Pic #7 -Stylish. A classy cat walk.

Pic #8 - Another close-up. Yeah baby!! That's you!!!

Pic #9 - For your info, her dress is not blown by wind...
It just won't stay down!!!

Pic #10 - The killer Alessandra pose.
She got me!
She killed me!

Pic #11 - Rainbow chick Miranda.

Pic #12 - This is the leopard dressed-up.. RAWR!!

Pic #13 - Look at her physique.
A body to die for.

Pic #14 - Yee- Ha! how about a cow girl?

Pic #15 - It's Alessandra again.
I got killed and killed again in the underworld!

Pic #16 - How about a red angel? A skin tight clothing.

That's it for the 2007 showcase.
Cast your votes for your favourite pick!!!
Please include the picture number ya!

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Eve said...

the snowflake is heidi la...i like #10

sc_Bone said...

definitely #2
i'll let her suck me anytime
*suck my blood harrrr :P*

h3l3n said...

u make me wana diet even more..

ihsan_huhu said...

***nose bleeding***

miranda kerr muka mcm siti nurhaliza...

chingy said...



SaeWei said...

omg! omg! all of them look so hot and nice!!!!!!!!!!! I want all can? haha

CY said...

So how to play? I vote for the picture, and get the girl?

OKAY! #2! :P

(Ps. How come Eve so pakar the names? :P)