Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tribute To Nianz

Feeling of unease surrounding the air.
The moment I heard about your news from J-ann, I was shocked.
It's totally tragic. Unbelievable.
God has sent an angel to bring you away from us, in a painful way.
The grief was deep. Really deep.

You've been an inspiration for many.
One who can really strive all her heart out to achieve her dreams.
One who could persist at all times to pursue her visions.
One who stand and shine under tremendous pressure to perform to her best at crucial moments.

Your achievements are one of a kind. A special one.
In your whole lifetime, you've been so kind to all the people beside you.
It's really a true pleasure to have know such a great talent like you.
Be it be swimming, in camps, msn chats, sms'es,...
You've brought cheers to all of us.

You'll forever be remembered.
Nianz, rest in peace.

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CY said...

It's always the great people that leave first...

My condolences Des.

kshern said...

a real's never easy losing a friend at this age or whatever age for that matter....

my condolences to you as her friend and especially to her family whom have every right to feel the way they are feeling now...