Saturday, January 12, 2008

Coming Up Next !!!

I am 100% sure the next B - I - G post in my blog...
is gona rock this blog upside down.

Confirmed sekali one.

Just give you guys a taste of seductiveness and...
the real meaning of S - E - X - Y !

Once again, My Passion, My life is bringing to you some...


(Warning, this is not really safe for work)

Guys, prepare to drool... Girls, it's time for a change and mesmerize...


Coming Up Next, brought you on My Passion, My Life.

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3 people crapped nia? Gimme more!:

Choon Beng said...


Sui Cha Boh lai liao..

lau nua liao!!!


Jamie said...

Seen it!

Victoria's Secret rite...this year is hawt too!

*Nose bleed*

CY said...

More more more!!

But without the wings... and the skirt :P