Sunday, January 06, 2008

Can You Live Without Handphone?

In the world we are living in today, have you ponder of what you would definitely miss the most?

What is the thing that you would "die" if you live without it?

I'm trying to be specific, forget about friends or family and money... I'm narrowing it down to "things" only.

Top Ten of the list:

1. Handphone

2. Car/ Transportation

3. Laptop/ PC

4. Television

5. Football/ Sports

6. Mp3 player/iPod

7. Camera/ DSLR
8. Air Conditioner
9. Watch

10. PSP/ Nintendo Wii/ Xbox/ DotA

which is your pick?

For this time, let me just consider the world without cellphone.
I believe everyone now owns a handphone, if not two of them... on average!

Come on... Even small primary school kids own PDAs nowadays.. what the heck!!!

Even James Bond can't live without super cell phones.
But imagine if all of us don't use it for in our lives anymore.

The catastrophic thing would be everyone will be living in fears.


Have you imagine worst case scenarios without cellphone by your side?

1. You unfortunately caught in a road accident, and you can call no ambulance...

2. Your house is on fire and you can't call the fire brigade.

all right, more realistic cases now...

3. You went clubbing and got raided by the law enforcers... and you can't call your family or friends to help you.

4. You are late for exams and you forget to bring your IC or exam slip.

errm... More serious cases now...

5. You are so in love with this guy/girl... You already got his/her number but now you can't call her! How bad!

6. You got robbed and you can't call the credit card hotline to suspend your card.

Now, horrific cases...

7. The stock plummets down and you can't get to your remiser/broker.

8. You are late to a million dollar business meeting. You are desperate to inform your partner but you can't call.

9. You got stopped in a road block and you did not bring your license but your house is just 5 blocks away.

got a clearer picture now?

I do not deny that for certain party, they can really live without handphones... but still the sense of security is not there in the society we are living in today.
Even the most successful people in the world depends on contacts in their network of friends and business partners. Rite?

How about you? Can you live without cellphones?

no cellphones, no "cooking porridge".
no cellphones, less chance to have "personal" conversation with your crush.
no cellphones, no work.
no cellphones, no "kangtao"...

I can't live without it...

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6 people crapped nia? Gimme more!:

Eve said...

i probably can live without phones as no one calls me here and i don't need to call anyone. Practically i get everything done through internet. even banking and buying stuff.

So notebook with internet is most important to me.

jordan said...

i agree... i wont feel safe without handphone lo

Mich said...

kenot disagree with ya!

ur example of cases...some are reli farneee!

Dominic said...

nowadays cellphone is a must... many people already own two or more!

James said...

wont die without handphone la...just susah abit...

Ashoka Packer said...

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