Saturday, December 29, 2007

RIP Benazir

I was shocked today when I woke up today. The news broke out and was fast spreading around every corner of every political background. It was sad that another prominent leader of the world is gone.

Out of many possibilities, guess who told me this news this morning? It was my mum! No one would expect her to know anything about the on-going world's politics which is extremely complicated and rather filled with conspiracy.

When I asked why and how on earth would she know Benazir Bhutto, the great ex-Pakistani PM... She answered with one simple gesture.

"She was beautiful", mum said.

Fair enough, I grinned.

The late Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on 27 December 2007, after departing a Pakistani Progressive Party rally in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi, two weeks before scheduled elections where she was a leading opposition candidate.

She was aged 54.

If you don't follow the world updates, you would not know that she was the first lady to lead an Islamic state, she was twice voted to be Pakistan's PM.

Many would think her demise was majorly due to the forthcoming Pakistan's general election is around the corner and Benazir was the leading opposition candidate. After all of this incidents, many would re-ponder that elections would be meaningless already.

Where is the justice when a prominent leader was assassinated? Does election still bring any significance? If this goes on, there can never be justice and peace, not only in Pakistan but the world.
Nevertheless, Benazir has served her country with honour although it was filled with alleged claims of corruptions. She was a charismatic leader.

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Eve said...

she was beautiful. killed by suicide bomber. such a waste, now the whole country in darurat state

Jon Chu said...

you write good English, I realized - which is something I like to read, by the way.

About corruption, I think we need not look too far; Malaysia is equally corrupted (Corruption is immeasurable). Also, we have to accept that corruption is part of our human nature; as long as humans live together, as long as there is politic and governmental issues, corruption is always existent and present.

Kenny Ng said...

She was almost get killed 2 months ago, now they really killed her. Sad to her that.

aL said...

she was my political idol :(