Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Meaning of Life

Recently I have encountered several sites promoting beers and other alcoholic beverage. Some really amazed me.

Typically as you may have seen in cafe's, you'll probably seen posters showing sexy babes holding a pin of beer with half body totally exposed and stuff lidat.

But now, I bet these adverts has brought the world the the next level. A higher class of thinking.

I think this is rather more persuasive for them to attract customers rather that those sexy girls which are heavily photoshopped in the posters.

Heineken presents to you - Crime of Passion

and none of us would be so stupid to order drinks lidat... you'll probably get drugged if you're a hot chick or no one will ever layan you if you're a dumb ass guy.

Carlsberg have the World of Friends

Nice song, nice bar, nice crowd - and definitely nice chick!
Carlsberg kill two birds with one stone - got meaning and got chick! That's 2-in-1 ! LOL

and there are these hilarious ones that I never can forget!

Be it a Friday, a empty parking lot or a crab claw...
Wah lao eh...they really shouted as if they've won the world cup lidat!
To every little good thing in life... CHEERS!
How about that!!!

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Satkuru said...

aiseh, i wrote a long comment for you but just to end up writing for the wrong blog :P

anyway, Heineken presents to you - Crime of Passion was really funny. i saw the ad for the first time last week before watching enchanted. i also like their previous ad, where the whole town changes back to old time and the fella asked for 6 pax, rolf. that one was good :P

have a great new year ahead :D

Nick Ng said...

carlsberg one very nice and meaningful!!

i love you baby...and it is quite alrite, i need you baby!!!

what a song!

do u know that song title anyway?

Therock said...


jason said...

whistling all the way and making new friends...

and that was a hawt babe in the carlsberg clip