Saturday, December 15, 2007


I feel it deep withing my heart.
I really do.

WY is suffering for the greatest loss of his life and I'm offering my deepest condolences to him. When the time comes, when we can't fight against the Lord's call. I'd say we'll just have to stay strong and move on to be stronger.

It's been a hard period of life for WY. Through this 15 years being brothers, I knew what kind of guy he is and the same goes for his late father. His dad had had a great life. Although he lost in his battle against bone cancer, he had certainly built a strong and wonderful family. While he takes the long walk, WY takes over and will definitely has support from all of the peeps around him.

The sorrow and grief were immense but one thing you gotta know is he will always be proud of who you are today. We'll pray that each day you be blessed and showered with joy.

Bro, stay strong and let the bereavement be your strength.

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kshern said...

my condolences to your friend. bone cancer has got to be the most painful cancer of all.

The damsel of no distress. said...

Aiks. Cancer. You're in my prayers