Monday, December 17, 2007

Laptop Down

My laptop is down,
Hard disk upside down;
It's just like a clown,
Who is lost in da town.

Sekarang aku duk tension,
Hati macam nak pension;
But just don't want to mention,
The feelin' of MENstruation!!!

When blog tarak update,
Blog pun hilang market;
Macam tarak mandat,
Orang kata cheapskate.

My dear readers, please bear with me. My laptop is suffering from severe sickness that needs some major operations. All the pc-surgeons sudah redi nak bedah it in a few days time. Will be giving short pluck instead of my usual food-galore pics.

To my dearest Moolah donors and Choy San Yeh, don't hesitate to continue giving me more opportunities ya!

Blog plug of the day: What do you call "Happy Burger"?

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CS said...

get the $$$ from nuffnang, PPP and buy a new laptop.... haha...

if time to change a new one....

kshern said...

i think the bergembira joke is probably the lamest i've heard on radio the past few days...

just feel like strangling the person that came up with that idea...

h3l3n said...

yo.. hopping directly into ur blog.. my laptop baru reformat last night only.. it was siaw also.. now so best..

h3l3n said...

memang instant.. gals memang always cook porridge la.. btw nice knowing u 2!!

erlynda said...

i love the pantun! hahaha... good one! we'll wait for ur laptop to revive soon!

angelinemiss said...

walao... berpantun plak... hiak hiak hiakkk... :)

Minny said...

same thing happened to me :(
couldnt get online then my visitors dropped by HALF
wtf :(