Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jogoya - Seventh Heaven

So after being thrifty for the whole study-week and for the whole of past month, I decided to go for a glutton-spree. The day after my exam was over, I went to the best place to feast in town.
Presenting to you, JOGOYA !!!
This is my second trip there and I definitely have a better strategy to stuff the food inside my tummy systemmatically after double differentiation,

d( dy/dx ) /dx being less than ZERO

so that I can maximize the space in my stomach to consume the most expensive food available.
My dear and I together with Pling definitely have the "Eating Gods" within us.
It is so coincidently that Jogoya has began their promotion the day before our visit.
They are currently celebrating their 2nd Anniversary and giving superb worthy discounts of 50% to the ladies.
Although this only applies on Mondays til Wednesdays, who cares, I got there the right time!
Phew... and I'm off to the food counters oledi!
Yes, it is friggin' 50% off for the ladies!
...and a mere King Prawn for the gentlemen.
This is just half of the King Prawn after I bedah the other half inside my stomach liao
*Jogoya is sex-ist, huh! They should give unlimited King Prawn mer, kekekeke*
Right away, our morale are boosted with the discount! *thumps for joy*
You count and see.. Dapat makan banyak dan murah! Surely semangat berkobar-kobar wan!
For your information, the offer lasts until 18th of December 2007. Go get it, people!!!
After the waitress briefed my dear and Pling on how the procedures of ordering food, we went for a short tour around the restaurant to have a quick pick on the food. All guns blazing, all stomachs perfectly roaring... RAWR!!!
The short tour ==>
The majestic round table for 10 pax
Just too bad, for me, the salad bar is just for decoration, I am so NOT going for this counter!
The seafood bar, I like.
You can choose any types of fish you like and ask the chef to cook for you!
Any style you wish, you get it!
Behold, many pictures lining up!
...there goes the gluttons on a spree.

Dear and Pling with fake smiles when their hearts are pounding and hands are ready to prowl and pawn the food.

The parade of food. Round 1 - Seafood. I will disclose each and every dish.

The Indian Curry Crab Claws from the Indian Cuisine Counter.

Oriental Rock Crab from the Chinese Cuisine Counter.

Specially requested Cheezy Baked Crab

Soft Shell Crab, this is crappy CRAB madness

Another type of soft shell crab

Summary- The Crab Combo

Thai Style Steamed Cod Fish - Freshness tahap maksima

Deep Fried Cat Fish - Fried until tak boleh cam adee

Grilled Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce from the Western Cuisine Counter

Yummylicious Fresh Oyster with Lemon - This is all mine!!!

Grilled Shishamo and Cod Fish ala Barbecue

Dessert for me - Fresh Coconut Juice (x4) and Very Berry Strawberry from Haagen Dazs (x4)

Oh ya, forgot to tell all you ice cream lovers that Jogoya serves endless rounds of Haagen Dazs. So, if you just go there for their ice cream also worth it! Can you finish a tube of Haagen Dazs which is worth well over RM500?? LOL

Yet another promotion is that if you attend to Jogoya after 10pm, they serve bottomless red wines too! Imagine, seafood and red wine... blends perfectly!

This time around, I only focussed on the seafood cos by the time I ease my hunger, the first round of food has long gone into my tummy. So the smoked salmon and sashimi, sushi, Buddha Jump Over The Wall (cheaper version, of cos), tempura, unagi and all the sorts sudah selamat dicernakan before my seafood round.

Verdict: Hungriness well satisfied, coupled with the promotional offer = Delighted... AWESOME!

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Alex said...

They use to serve Movenpick Ice-cream which is a premium ince-cream from Swiss. Only a few places in KL serves Movenpick. Now Jogoya dont serve it anymore, cost cutting kua.

AdrianC said...

wow so much seafood swimming in ur stomach after going there. food looks extremely good sia..must go try

Eve said...


i dont round go with me!! dear n pling with fake smile...hahahah

Satkuru said...

ganas man. i also wanna try already. how much did it cost you ? dunno whether to go for lunch or dinner -_-"

L'abeille said...

I told XT about this place but XT said no more Japanese for this year wor! *sob sob*
*cos he ate too many times at Shogun this year*

~Evelyn~ said...

hhaahaha...i tot it is Buddha Roll on The Floor? muahahaha... but it is real good!thumbs up!!!!

aL said...


i just realised...

i know your dear and her friends wannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

hahahahahahahhahhahahahahhaha!! the world is so small :)