Sunday, December 30, 2007

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

RIP Benazir

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I was shocked today when I woke up today. The news broke out and was fast spreading around every corner of every political background. It was sad that another prominent leader of the world is gone.

Out of many possibilities, guess who told me this news this morning? It was my mum! No one would expect her to know anything about the on-going world's politics which is extremely complicated and rather filled with conspiracy.

When I asked why and how on earth would she know Benazir Bhutto, the great ex-Pakistani PM... She answered with one simple gesture.

"She was beautiful", mum said.

Fair enough, I grinned.

The late Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on 27 December 2007, after departing a Pakistani Progressive Party rally in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi, two weeks before scheduled elections where she was a leading opposition candidate.

She was aged 54.

If you don't follow the world updates, you would not know that she was the first lady to lead an Islamic state, she was twice voted to be Pakistan's PM.

Many would think her demise was majorly due to the forthcoming Pakistan's general election is around the corner and Benazir was the leading opposition candidate. After all of this incidents, many would re-ponder that elections would be meaningless already.

Where is the justice when a prominent leader was assassinated? Does election still bring any significance? If this goes on, there can never be justice and peace, not only in Pakistan but the world.
Nevertheless, Benazir has served her country with honour although it was filled with alleged claims of corruptions. She was a charismatic leader.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

online backgammon

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Meaning of Life

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Recently I have encountered several sites promoting beers and other alcoholic beverage. Some really amazed me.

Typically as you may have seen in cafe's, you'll probably seen posters showing sexy babes holding a pin of beer with half body totally exposed and stuff lidat.

But now, I bet these adverts has brought the world the the next level. A higher class of thinking.

I think this is rather more persuasive for them to attract customers rather that those sexy girls which are heavily photoshopped in the posters.

Heineken presents to you - Crime of Passion

and none of us would be so stupid to order drinks lidat... you'll probably get drugged if you're a hot chick or no one will ever layan you if you're a dumb ass guy.

Carlsberg have the World of Friends

Nice song, nice bar, nice crowd - and definitely nice chick!
Carlsberg kill two birds with one stone - got meaning and got chick! That's 2-in-1 ! LOL

and there are these hilarious ones that I never can forget!

Be it a Friday, a empty parking lot or a crab claw...
Wah lao eh...they really shouted as if they've won the world cup lidat!
To every little good thing in life... CHEERS!
How about that!!!

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Merry Xmas & A Joyous 2008

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My Passion, My Life is wishing all the readers from all walks of life a Merry and Wonderful Christmas plus plus plus...
have a blasting and explosive year of 2008 !

Take this time to reflect upon ourselves about what we have done in the past of 2007 and strive to improve. Together we can make a difference!

Make the world a better place to live - and most important of all, we live to love and to share the greatness of life!

Cheers and Happy 2008 !

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wanna Play Poker?

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Laptop Down

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My laptop is down,
Hard disk upside down;
It's just like a clown,
Who is lost in da town.

Sekarang aku duk tension,
Hati macam nak pension;
But just don't want to mention,
The feelin' of MENstruation!!!

When blog tarak update,
Blog pun hilang market;
Macam tarak mandat,
Orang kata cheapskate.

My dear readers, please bear with me. My laptop is suffering from severe sickness that needs some major operations. All the pc-surgeons sudah redi nak bedah it in a few days time. Will be giving short pluck instead of my usual food-galore pics.

To my dearest Moolah donors and Choy San Yeh, don't hesitate to continue giving me more opportunities ya!

Blog plug of the day: What do you call "Happy Burger"?

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Saturday, December 15, 2007


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I feel it deep withing my heart.
I really do.

WY is suffering for the greatest loss of his life and I'm offering my deepest condolences to him. When the time comes, when we can't fight against the Lord's call. I'd say we'll just have to stay strong and move on to be stronger.

It's been a hard period of life for WY. Through this 15 years being brothers, I knew what kind of guy he is and the same goes for his late father. His dad had had a great life. Although he lost in his battle against bone cancer, he had certainly built a strong and wonderful family. While he takes the long walk, WY takes over and will definitely has support from all of the peeps around him.

The sorrow and grief were immense but one thing you gotta know is he will always be proud of who you are today. We'll pray that each day you be blessed and showered with joy.

Bro, stay strong and let the bereavement be your strength.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Backgammon For Stress Relieving

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Monday, December 10, 2007

10 000 Finally !!!

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After so long blogging, I finally hit 10 000th visitors.

Tapi dengan malunya, most of them came from myself. LOL

With the current situation going on with my internship, I really can't find some extra time to blog.

Such a sad case when I come home everyday, feeling tired and sleeping is the only cure.

But fret not, somehow I will eventually post something up!

For the next 20 000 visitors to come, I kena sacrifice sikit lah!

Coming up next...

Clue: no more food, just some sexy back...

stay tuned people!

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mizi Bistro For Pling

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Pling's birthday was on last 21st October and we went for a cozy dinner at Mizi's Bistro. This time it was without one of the Four Seasons - Eve @ Winter since she went aboard to UK. The rest of the Seasons were present and tagged along with Buttz and me.

Mizi's Bistro is located at New World Park and sells somehow economic and big portion western cuisine. They have a wide range of food, which includes some funny names. LOL

There got this "Carefully Chilled - Smoked Norwegian Salmon". I was wondering whether this is the only food that is prepared with EXTRA caution and care. SO carefully that it costs double than the rest of the starters.

I ordered this Lasagna. It is considered a pretty large portion as well comparatively to other lasagnas at other places. Yummylicious rating = 6.5 / 10

Dear ordered this chicken breast meat stuffed with apple. She kinda like it but for me, I don't really fancy apple that is baked hot in my food. So, yummylicious rating = 5.5 / 10

Birthday Pling ordered this Fish Fillet, it is big and juicy as well. Most economic of all considering the size and the freshness of the fish.

The rest of them ordered pretty much of the same. We added some potato wedges and to our misery... it was so huge! Wah lao, we thought that it was gona be just a few pieces like the ones sold in KFC but it wasn't!

The girls...
Plus the endless rounds of ice cream for desert, we all ended stomach-full and of cos... happy.

Not forgetting the birthday cake, everyone was bloating at the end of the night.

Cute and cheerful Pling, initially

and moments later...

Pling - The Birthday Girl Ghost

Pling blew the candles away, much of a non-significance being a 22 year old. All of us agreed on that night that being 22, it marks that the forthcoming birthday celebration would be meaningless birthday celebrations already. Sigh, everyone grows older and older. What the heck...

This time, we positioned the candle sideways, making it harder for Pling to pluck it out by using her mouth. But not even my camera were ready, she already passed her ordeal... No fun.

All were bloating and we went for a stroll around New World Park. There is this Lok Lok restaurant that has no Lok Lok feel. I still think Penangites fancy eating Lok Lok by standing at the road side and dipping into the sauce using satay sticks. Sitting down in a chilled restaurant does not really make sense.

Also this Bah Kut Teh @ Rou Gu Cha KING- the king of BKT that has no customers. Still being a King without a single customer?

Pwah went home after that and we proceeded to Lio'z Cafe for some drink and for some music. Err... I don't really fancy chinese band either, but heck the place is just so so... Since we were there already, we made some crazy song requests and ended up the band didn't even performed for us. Heck!!!

Lastly, Happy Birthday Plingz... I'm sure Eve is definitely missing those moments in Penang...

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Insure Yourself Now!

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It's time for me to update you about more insurance. I think it is pretty common nowadays for us to get ourselves insured by at least an insurance plan. Be it a precautionary act to protect ourselves from unwanted incidents and financial difficulties, or just some financial aid for unwanted injuries and mishap, the modern world now plays safe in everything.

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Home insurance is another insurance which can ensure you have your household stability to prevent unwanted mishap from troubling you financially. Fire and other accidents losses can be claimed from this insurance.

Car insurance is yet another common insurance. As we know, road accidents are so common and it is likely that it is compulsory for every vehicle to be insured before it is permitted to be on the roads. So protect your vehicle and your life with comprehensive car insurance deals.

Sign up at this site now! You will enjoy best benefits and you will never regret!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New Working Life

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First and foremost, my sincere apologies for lack of updating recently.

I've ventured a new chapter of my life into the working community when I began my internship tenure of which will last for 6 long months.

I must say it's going to be tough to adapt to a totally different life.

No more 12pm wake-up time.

No more procrastinating in assignments.

No more late night outing (not so frequent anymore)

and most of all, everything that I do, I must think of the following effects on my working life.

Tough, huh?

So, welcome me to the world of money-making (although I'm just training...)

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jogoya - Seventh Heaven

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So after being thrifty for the whole study-week and for the whole of past month, I decided to go for a glutton-spree. The day after my exam was over, I went to the best place to feast in town.
Presenting to you, JOGOYA !!!
This is my second trip there and I definitely have a better strategy to stuff the food inside my tummy systemmatically after double differentiation,

d( dy/dx ) /dx being less than ZERO

so that I can maximize the space in my stomach to consume the most expensive food available.
My dear and I together with Pling definitely have the "Eating Gods" within us.
It is so coincidently that Jogoya has began their promotion the day before our visit.
They are currently celebrating their 2nd Anniversary and giving superb worthy discounts of 50% to the ladies.
Although this only applies on Mondays til Wednesdays, who cares, I got there the right time!
Phew... and I'm off to the food counters oledi!
Yes, it is friggin' 50% off for the ladies!
...and a mere King Prawn for the gentlemen.
This is just half of the King Prawn after I bedah the other half inside my stomach liao
*Jogoya is sex-ist, huh! They should give unlimited King Prawn mer, kekekeke*
Right away, our morale are boosted with the discount! *thumps for joy*
You count and see.. Dapat makan banyak dan murah! Surely semangat berkobar-kobar wan!
For your information, the offer lasts until 18th of December 2007. Go get it, people!!!
After the waitress briefed my dear and Pling on how the procedures of ordering food, we went for a short tour around the restaurant to have a quick pick on the food. All guns blazing, all stomachs perfectly roaring... RAWR!!!
The short tour ==>
The majestic round table for 10 pax
Just too bad, for me, the salad bar is just for decoration, I am so NOT going for this counter!
The seafood bar, I like.
You can choose any types of fish you like and ask the chef to cook for you!
Any style you wish, you get it!
Behold, many pictures lining up!
...there goes the gluttons on a spree.

Dear and Pling with fake smiles when their hearts are pounding and hands are ready to prowl and pawn the food.

The parade of food. Round 1 - Seafood. I will disclose each and every dish.

The Indian Curry Crab Claws from the Indian Cuisine Counter.

Oriental Rock Crab from the Chinese Cuisine Counter.

Specially requested Cheezy Baked Crab

Soft Shell Crab, this is crappy CRAB madness

Another type of soft shell crab

Summary- The Crab Combo

Thai Style Steamed Cod Fish - Freshness tahap maksima

Deep Fried Cat Fish - Fried until tak boleh cam adee

Grilled Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce from the Western Cuisine Counter

Yummylicious Fresh Oyster with Lemon - This is all mine!!!

Grilled Shishamo and Cod Fish ala Barbecue

Dessert for me - Fresh Coconut Juice (x4) and Very Berry Strawberry from Haagen Dazs (x4)

Oh ya, forgot to tell all you ice cream lovers that Jogoya serves endless rounds of Haagen Dazs. So, if you just go there for their ice cream also worth it! Can you finish a tube of Haagen Dazs which is worth well over RM500?? LOL

Yet another promotion is that if you attend to Jogoya after 10pm, they serve bottomless red wines too! Imagine, seafood and red wine... blends perfectly!

This time around, I only focussed on the seafood cos by the time I ease my hunger, the first round of food has long gone into my tummy. So the smoked salmon and sashimi, sushi, Buddha Jump Over The Wall (cheaper version, of cos), tempura, unagi and all the sorts sudah selamat dicernakan before my seafood round.

Verdict: Hungriness well satisfied, coupled with the promotional offer = Delighted... AWESOME!

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