Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tanjung Tualang - The Place To Be

On my long road trip from KL to Penang, I've decided to make a pit stop somewhere to taste the local delicacy. Not a pit-stop actually, I took almost a 2 hours break since I already something in my head for so long.

What's that in my head? Definitely food, tempted by Jason of Astro AEC program called Taste With Jason aired on 10pm Sundays. During my study break which was approximately a month ago, Jason, otherwise known as Axian introduced a mouth watering dish called the Big Headed Prawn a.k.a "Tai Tow Har". Since then, I told myself that I'm definitely not gonna miss it!

Time flies and a month after that, I found myself at Tanjung Tualang, the seventh heaven for fresh water fishes and prawns. The small town is located in the suburb area cornered with rivers and lake ponds meant for rearing fishes and prawns.

I took the Gopeng exit and proceeded to Jeram, Malim Mawar and finally Tanjung Tualang. Travelling deep into the deep rural areas, I was too eager to look around and missed some shots of the surroundings. Forgive me, but just let me post a map for your directional needs, ok? The map is specially made by JooannKiss after my neverending request... Thanks so much!

Look from bottom to start ok... This 4-map series proceeds upwards, right from the Gopeng PLUS Highway exit.

and finally the Tanjung Tualang town map!

The small town of Tanjung Tualang has several restaurants who runs the business of selling these fresh water fishes and prawns. Axian recommended this Sin Mee Fong @ Sun Mee Foong and so, I just follow only. LoL

The Cantonese name of the shop

The Mandarin version

It's 3pm in the evening and it is still quite a number of patrons there!

Outside the restaurant, you can see a few aquariums filled with this big headed prawns! When I see them, I already started drooling. Good marketing strategy to attract customers. No wonder we never choose other shops!

"I want the biggest, the biggest please!" says the glutton., telling the cook to choose the fattest and largest prawn available.

Our catch of the day, 3 largest praws weighing 1.1kg. They charge RM7 per 100gram. It is worth every penny man!

It is so fresh, because the prawns are reared in nearby ponds and kept in these aquariums for a limited time only. Look carefully as in these aquariums, they actually put ice blocks in it to keep the temperature down. See, even prawns need some sort of "air-cond" to keep them being fresh and kicking.

These prawns has many specialities according to the shop owners. They actually "brushes" their teeth as they uses their long legs to grind their teeth very often. Amazingly they have big and hard teeth that is comparable with a baby's new tooth.

There's so many prawns in an aquarium that they actually tangled themselves in it! Big headed prawns have long and skinny legs and clamps too, just like lobsters. Their legs have so much meat in it, even more than those crabs. You can take a chopstick to poke the meat out! Oozing out the meat with the sauce, it's simply tantalizing.

And look at the orangish spots around the prawns's belly and head! It's what we called the "ko" or the egg, the highest chloresterol part, but the most yummiest part! Haha

Next up is more pictures and description of the dishes I had in Tanjung Tualang.

Behold, make sure your hungry and eager to kill some boars before proceed in reading my posts.

Tuned to Our Chronicles's Blog for more food and food and food pictures!

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kshern said...

English Name:
Malaysian Giant Freshwater Prawn

Malay Name:
Udang Galah

Scientific Name:
Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Usually mistaken as lobsters. I've blogged about them here:
What Prawn Is That Again?
What Prawn Is That YET Again?

welovepenang said...

hahaha...... i have been to the same shop before.... that time i am USM student at the Tronoh.... so this is the place most uni student wont miss...

i still miss the taste.... thanks for the sharing...