Friday, November 23, 2007

Prison Break Hiatus

Are you waiting for Prison Break s03e09 torrent files?

In case so, I'm afraid you'll rather be disappointed.

The series is taking its usual break and only airs on 14th January 2008.

This means...

No more Michael Scofield for you girls to drool at...

and no more Tulanness from the suspence of the movie.

Omg, I'm gonna miss this series god damn much man.

Any other series for the holiday seasons?

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Eve said...

Recently i feel Heroes is much much nicer than prison break. Even the sexy Micheal scowl couldn't save the show.

L'abeille said...

Oooo..didn't know you're a Prison fan too :)

kshern said...

yea man...big long break...must be thinking of how to make it more interesting cos so far this season, it SUCKS!!! :P

heroes has been quite enjoyable but desperate housewives still kickass! ;)