Friday, November 09, 2007

Never Use Handphone at Petrol Kiosks

Experiment Objective: To investigate out of curiousity why on earth people kenot make calls thru cellulars at petrol kiosks

Bahan dan Radas Eksperiment
(Materials and Equipments lah)

and please don't be stupid enuff to use credit cards k... use cards that you wana discard it d ok?

make a smiley out of the card strips
(in this case, a sad-ass face emotiocon)

in case you like to try, u can out an egg inside the foil see see it can cook anot...

a dash of petrol ok, not a pail lah...
in case you duno, let me translate "a dash of petrol" means "satu pecutan minyak"
u imagine u drive F1 car, tekan minyak untuk pecut mia situation ok...
kira berapa liter u perlukan then oni apply on this experiment

grab only your phone ok... dun simply grab other people punya.
and never ever grab the wrong thing.
dun bring ur fax machine ok...
handphones only!

call someone u hate la... dun call ur loved ones
later paocha adee then scared the call recepient
err call 911 la, let them hear it live!

haha means make a lot of pranks.
need for me to explain more on this??

later u make too many calls until u stim stim liao...


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L'abeille said... least now when I've got nothing to do at home, I know what to experiment i can try out.. :p

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

wei it really went kaboom ar??!!!! my gosh!

Dexxie Rocks said...


*Imagine making a petrol station kaboom...*

now u make me wanna try in a petrol station and see whats the kaboom like... muahahahah

joking nia lar... :P

jooann~kiss said...


ItchyHandseng said...

hey bro,u tried it out d?very interesting

ihsan_huhu said...

additional info:

if want a better result, put a potato inside the aluminium foil.. after burn can eat baked mash potato..

if got more money, put ikan, so will get ikan bakar as end result..