Monday, November 26, 2007

Human Evolves With Money

Never do I realize, never do human realize.
That everyday and in everything that we do.
It's all about the friggin' money.

Why do we work? Why do we need to study?
Some did it for food and health.
Some did it for luxury and fame.
But some just did it for their egoism.

Until Wyclef and Akon recently produced yet another masterpiece.
Their video clip epics the evolution of a sweet lil innocent girl being transformed into a savage.
It's all comes back to the root of money, wealth and survival.

Why oh why?
Don't say a thing, I bet everyone would be like dat if you were out in such a situation.

Click here: >> See more for yourself at Audio-Slaved !

p/s I bet many of you may agree Niia has the sweetest voice.

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james said...

nice song

anyway who is niia?

daniel said...

you got another music blog too?


jimmy said...

wyclef jean got his own style to picture his message to the community

i like!

vicky said...

new song!

nice one dude!