Thursday, November 15, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Today is my two close frens' 22nd birthday.

Who are they?
That's Wanster and Eve.

Wanster hip-hop-hurray'ing and Eve victory'ing

Wana know more about them, go read their blogs at The Blog and Apple4Today.

Never do I realize that I've known Wanster for 15 years and Eve for 6 years already. Time flies so fast but friendship do blossom for every moments we've shared.

Happy Birthday guys.

p/s soli ah, couldn't find any better pics of both of you! Wahahaha

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3 people crapped nia? Gimme more!:

~Evelyn~ said...

cis! i looked really stupid in that pic... anyway, happy birthday to both of them!!!!!

Eve said... complaining bout the photo ady!

i thought we had some photos of 4 of us during my last clubbing in penang.

hehe..Anyway, thanks alot dude! 6 years is a long time...Hugz!

jooann~kiss said...

Argg!!The guy's mouth