Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vegetarian Food Feast

Ten days ago, devotees of The Nine Emperors gods celebrated a festival by keeping themselves as pure vegetarians for the ten whole days (9 days full plus a day of cleansing of stomach)..

Believe me, you won't believe how eventful it was all over Penang. It has been a customary for Chinese in Penang to celebrate by so-called "fasting from meat" as a symbol of respect and devoted to the gods. At the last day of the festival, it was marked with a parade and "send-off" of the gods to the sea with beautifully decorated boats and floats as well.

At this time, almost every corner or along streets in Penang will be filled with stalls selling Fast-Economic Vegetarian Cuisine. Yes, this means massive jams all around Penang all the time, because Penang people just don't know how to stop eating. We simply eat all day long, regardless whether it is breakfast, lunch, hi-tea, dinner or supper... these stalls are all cramp-up'ed at any instant.

Believe me, I do not have time to even take some nice pictures of the food as everybody will be too busy lurking around to find seats and just feast like they have just been released from the Meat-ty World. Really macam tak pernah makan vege. Once I sat down and got my meal ready on my table or even finished eating, people will be staring at me and like persuasively urging me to finish it off fast. Well, due to my paiseh-ness level yang agak tinggi, I dengan lahap sekali whack the food without a fury.

Alrite, these vegetarian food ain't any normal vegetable like the usual Kai Lan or Asparagus or Bean Sprouts. U can have those artificial chicken, porks and seafood as well! U can't believe unless you seen it yourself and taste 'em. I even encountered a so-called Curry Chicken with near to 99% similarity with even the chicken skin contour on it too! I was simply A-M-A-Z-E-D ! In fact, all it was made of are just various types of flour and vegetarian products. Tahap masakan yang cukup tertinggi.

So, where to eat actually? You must be quizzed because there are simply too many stalls available, unlike in KL where I can hardly find any vegetarian stalls with affordable price.

Let me intro abit-bit k!

First there is this Famous Curry Mee at Taman Free School. Eh, the name is really "Famous Curry Mee" k, self-proclaimed wan. At first I thought "Wahlao eh, so TAO and LanSi wan..say sendiri Fehmes"... it turned up the queue is like 6-7 meters long wan during peak hours. Damn! Memang certified fehmes laaa... Just to tell you guys, it tastes just like the usual curry me, just with artificial Char Siew and Prawns plus sambal without belachan.

So for health reason and for tour guides, it is much easier to go to the big vegetarian restaurants. The food considerably affordable also la, dun always think restaurant cut throat wan ok?

This Ee Beng is my all time favourite. You can see from the pic that people lining up along the road wan k. The real Ee Beng now has an extra tent set up in front of the shop sumore.

I particularly like the Almond Tau Foo with Sweet Corn dessert. Just tantalizing!

Due to my kemalasan, I went to to korek some further info. So give 'em credits for those pictures and info. Just that the pricing changes tremendously during the festives season. Hohoho...

Next is...

Sounds familiar? It id located directly opposite of Penang Buddhist Association. A very old and well established vegetarian restaurant.

During the festive season, they like colonize the whole road in front of them shop and expand their stalls. Memang ganas sekali when the crowds start lining up their cars to pack up some food. Macam jualan murah yang TAK Murah langsung.

I wana recommend this place. It is a MUST go restaurant. Nice food, definitely... Just a lil expensive. I dunno why but ppl over there grab their food like savages. Tak faham langsung. One plate of plain vegetarian spaghetti is RM8, also they grab and berebut macam budak darjah satu.

Photo credit to I ate the agak agak similar giant poh piah at this restaurant. RM6, agak reasonable with the giant size.

Got this Happy Realm Centre. Lepas makan, confirm happy sama lu. They put Happy ingredients that can make u happy after eating, LOL. Food there agak nice, but when u terlalu happy, dun come find me, k?

Nah kasi u orang tempat makan yang lebih high class wan. High class means if you tink u got "class" and fully loaded la...and also driving some C-class or S-class Merz ok? sori sori SLK sleek little kelisa can simpan ok? I never go to such places... sad case..tak cukup class lagi.

again, photo credits to and for their inspirational pictures and info.


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welovepenang said...

emm.. seems nice... let me bring my friend to have a makan lunch there and grap some pics for my blog..... had a review on the food and price as well..... thanks for the sharing......

appel said...

i wan go penang...

Alistair said...

I heard of great food in Penang.
Definitely never thought of any vegetarian except the magnificient road side stalls hahahaha

will visit Penang soon.
be my food guide?

Clement said...

Nice food galore and meaningful event for the clean and divine hearted souls of Penangite!

Blissful and holy time to fast for vegetarian food. Definitely a wise guide by you!

Aliciaz said...

hmm.. i never thought vegetable can be of such variety... pity u cant show me the pictures of the food

wat a waste..nevertheless a nice and informative post.

Jeremy said...

penang oh penang

hey dude, u made me home sick again!

so many nice food and event!

i reli miss those good old days in Penang

those info are reli true. i've been there and feasted there LOL

good food guide

james said...

nice food

healthy sumore!

great way of life!

SunilPrasad said...

eh eh...when u wana belanja me pulak!

cis asyik duk post post food sedap best.

me kat aussie duk lapar ni

post sikit mari la..

curry mee mari!!!

KaRyEe said...

real nice VEGE FOOD....nice nice...sedap sedap..that is y those who are vegetarian still look fei fei bak bak..hehe...