Friday, October 19, 2007

Vegetarian, anyone?

*Short pluck*
Well, I see vegetables everywhere!!!
What do you think of vegetables?
When you first wake up, you eat green food until you sleep also eat green food.
For those who had nightmares eating vegetables, behold!
More to come, let me bring you Penang's Vegetable Food Galore!
Showcasing, soon!

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5 people crapped nia? Gimme more!:

Darren said...

oh no! i hate vege!

how many types of vege u talking about?

all also green green only.

ans tastes the same!

Jasimmine said...

Your talking about the vegetarian fest in Penang?

I heard Penang people are reli devoted in this festival.

Looking forward to read from ya!

Simon Wong said...

Yups, it was a colourful event in Penang whereby you can see a lots of roadside stalls selling vegetarian food.

Not only green thing people!

Lots of variety.

Lets wait for his updated post.

Btw, this is a good blog to visit!

friendly visitor said...

vege...i like! gime gime more!

Jackie said...

I wanna know more!

me curious liao!

cepat cepat!