Saturday, October 06, 2007

Turning 21 + 1

I thank God for blessing me with another year of appreciable health.
I mesmerized every moment with my family for their endless love and support.
I cherish my dearest's affection and thoughtfulness.
I appreciate my friends and bosom buddies for their help, togetherness and company.

So much for me to thank.
So much for me to say.

What do I really anticipate being another year older?

I asked myself in the midst of loneliness.
Staring at the ceiling in the room of darkness.

Wiser? Richer? Smarter? Well-built?

These won't come to you as you age.
I've gotta work for it, that's right.

Read more books and learn - that's how I'm gonna get wiser.
Work hard and get a good job - that's how I'm desperately strive be rich.
Think deeper and observe the situation - that's how I yearn to be smarter.
Sheer determination and commitment in gym - that's how I'm gonna grow some muscles.

Nah... let's get back to reality.

Just to be frank, I'm just a normal guy, seeking the true meaning of life as I grow older.
So much for me to explore, so much for me to travel...
and of cos so much for me to earn.

So why 21 + 1 instead of 22.


Just wana make a mere comparison between them.

People say by 21, you're on your own! Freedom is all yours.
But for me, I was granted full access of it since I was 13. That's how I learn to control myself and self-discipline proves a higher level of maturity.

At 21, you'll get to vote - I'm 22, I still haven't register as a legal voter. I'm a bad procrastinator, huh? I kept on saying... I will, I will.... eventually lah!

Entrance to clubs - legally granted. (although I dunno why some events requires age of 25...)
Ability to choose your own religion - does not apply to me. I'm devoted already.
Studies: It is seemingly getting harder and harder to score...

What else that makes a different between 21 and 22 years old guy?
Can think on any, people?
Don't talk about 4.0s and dean lists with me, for now. I did not achieve my feat at the age 21, hope can bring it back at 22!~

So, my younger brothers and sisters! Stop nagging that I'm old and so on...
Wish me more luck, more wealth and healthier can adee... LOLZ


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anN said...

thatz what i always say...Dun care about birthday celebration aft 21.Because...I really cant find any reasons to celebrate.

Eve said...

Life's a landslide after 21.

Happy Belated Birthday my old friend !! :)