Tuesday, October 30, 2007



been struggling lately.

Exams are looming on November 2nd.

2 papers sumore... killer papers, one at night. Gosh I can't figure the subject out.

Furthermore, it's my mom's birthday.

So sad I can't be home to celebrate with her, for the first time.

I wanna go home, but I simply can't.

I don't want those papers, not because I don't like engineering, but instead I don't like how the way the subject is being runned and taught.

Practically I learnt nothing from the lecturer except some Titanic ship and Neil Armstrong clips.

... and he expects us to do wonders in his paper.

I can't afford to fail any of my paper!

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kshern said...

all the best for your exams...

lenny said...

dont think too much dude.

all's well, ends well!