Friday, October 12, 2007


I'm home, safely at last.
At last finalizing my internship agreement and I'm off to work real soon.
So glad that I do not have to worry of not getting employed. I was really worried as many of my coursemates had already secured their placements in MNCs.

So so relieved from stress and worries too.
No need to go through gruelling spells of Coorperative Learning Assessments of which the tutors tried to show of their stupidity by giving students a hard time. Their just posgraduates and buat pandai like a 60-year-old wiseguy. WTF. (pointing this to only one fat-ass-b*tch-tutor)

No more Capstone Projects in the labs and streneous reports. No more sleepless nights!

and now, I am turning on my study mode.

study and only study.

I wonder I can be so disciplined or not at home.

Gosh! Broadband. Astro. Futsal. Snooker. Mamak. Clubs. Food. Drinks.

Distractions~~~ go away!

I'm a man on a mission to defy the odds.

I have something to prove for myself.

I need to study.

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KaRyEe said...

Pls motivate yourself tat my lazy bum also will wake to study...haha...

Eve said...

another distraction: speng ..