Monday, October 08, 2007

Simple Yet Meaningful

As promised, I'm gonna elaborate about my birthday celebration.

My friends, birthday oni maa....don't over expect, later disappoint sendiri. LOLz
In fact, I had a few surprises for me this time.

I went back to Penang on 27th Sept, Thursday to be with my family and my dear.
The feeling is just like the Sudirman's Balik Kampung Song, it kept bangin' in my brains.

Reli, although I setelah sekian lama joined the Persatuan Balik-kampung Sekerap Mungkin (P.B.S.M), the kinda get used to the long 4 hours trip. But this trip, different sikit lah, ada feel sikit. Cos kept thinking duno what my dear planning for me. Maklumlah first time selebret ngan dia kan...

How about my bosom buddies? My fellow ventures, some even goin back to study oversea adee, gona do farewell for people like Foobak also. A meet-up is simply a must.

Many pre-celebrations I had this time.
One with my dearest.
One with my beloved family.
One with ventures.
and one with housemates and coursemates in KL.

oh ya not forgetting all the celebration in the cyberworld.
kinda cute too...
those messages in friendster.
and even in MSN...
Alrite, let the picture describe kay...

SOme taken with my v3xx oni..sorri lah, on the spot tarak camera. Aku bukan pro-blogger hehe.

Hmm... got this 22 candles cake drawn by KayC... penuh dengan effort, but next time give real cake ok? hohoho kidding...

Had dinner with CBS and Foobak at The Strawberry Field in Taman Jaya. Pineapple Fried Rice.

Did I tell you I went to Furusato Japanese Restaurant with my family and dearest? Yes, yes, my abang belanja me... The bestest Japanese Cuisine so far. At Pulau Tikus, beside Baskin & Robbins... So co-incident it is owned by my neighbour.

This is the fresh salmon. Very very small portion. Too high cholesterol, OLD people kenot eat.

Dunno what fish is this...I tink its sort like tuna... Tasty and fresh. I like.

Garlic Rice, fuyo! Tantalizing... Wei dun tink it's ordinary nasi goreng k... Memang Beras Jepun yang sedap dan enak lagi lazat.

It is getting nicer and nicer all the food! This is sotong a.k.a calamari. Nice mental! We all naik gila eating this. Ordered another plate cos we finished it within seconds. U can imagine the level of kesedapan. Close to perfect liao...

and the ultimatum...

..ta daa....!!!~~~ The beef rolls. With the super thin slice of beef rolled with some vege( duno what vege lah), tastes ultimately macam great indulgence mia benda... Guess how much is this plate itself? (three digits ok!)

Some other pictures I haven't got it from my friends, and left some at home in Penang.

Gonna post it up next time.

and I will intro u guys nice places to eat again!

Before I end, I'm gonna take this opportunity to thank all people who celebrated and wished me. That's so thoughtful of you all...

Mum, Dad, Bros, Dear, Bee Leng, Cynthia, CBS, Jay, TattZheng, Foobak n& gf , Buttz, Teongz, Ah Gin,Pope WeiPeng, Edwin, EY and gf, DKoh, Ban Aik, Teck Boon and gf, Billy, Jianz, Kitty Kooiz, Zach, Swee Heng, Jia Sheng, Pling, Eve, KayC, Ningz, Jin Fei, Kelly, King, Wen Chiao, Leng Leng, Si Yau, Yee Han, Ser Yen, Tauke Cynider, LZK, CK, Siang Moh, Ykyuan, Tjinwern, Jooann Kiss, Sfong, Shiau Ying, Yew Wang, Lee Ling, Mun Teng, Ivan, Say Min, Deh Ping, Ay Ching, Fui Chia, Woon Ping, Sze Yao, Satkuru, Jason Lim, Tracy, Itchy, Angeline, Christina_YY, aL, babyfiona, BoboBimbo, kshern, michi3, eric tan, kai li, jessy lim... and the list goes on.


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L'abeille said...

Happy Birthday!

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it's grilled mackerel ....hehehe