Wednesday, October 24, 2007

France, Let's Go

In this edition of my travel blog entry is going to be in France. So the very first thing we will look upon arriving in France would be affordable hotels, right? Let me have the opprtunity to introduce to you some of the cheap and also great luxury we have there in France.

Let's go to the main attraction, the Eiffel Tower. The famous landmark of France is definitely a must go place. Besides, France are also well known for their wineries too. Cabernet Sauvignon or any Shiraz, my friends? Then we can also try to visit The Louvre or the Rhone Alps if you fancy to get away from the hustles in the busy cities. France hotels are considerably top class hotels with great facilities and services. So, you do not have to worry about accomodation anymore.

This is a view from one of the Four Seasons Hotel in France. I am sure you will love it!

In Paris, you will get lavish hotels like this Ritz Hotel. Simply sensational.

This is Sheraton Hotel in Nice. Nice is just a magnificient city with great hotels.

Besides that, you can also try the famous river cruises too. Just a simple tour around the river sides to bring you a picturesque view of France. On the other hand, museums are an attractive place to go. There, you can see for yourself the rich culture and history of the mighty France led by Napolean himself. So if you are in Paris, Paris hotels are definitely your dream hotels and no hassle and problems are guaranteed just for you. And if you are in Nice, Nice hotels are also not bad as well.

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Jason said...

u been to France? wow!

sabrina said...

france is beautiful from the outside and warm in the heart.

Nice is another "nice" city.

jimmy said...

from malaysia to france? a long journey!

not a bad way to spend money!

Anonymous said...

this sounds like a review post, r u being sponsored for this?

if yes i would like to know how...

i'm interested to make money by blogging!