Tuesday, October 09, 2007

BolehLand Angkasawan

*this is a rojak language post*

First, they are the Cosmonauts.
Yuri Gagarin being the first man in space. Russian dominated the space race.

Then the US got overzealous. They sent in the so-called Astronauts.
Neh....the one pasang Astro wan mah call Astronauts lo.

This is Astro mia stesen on the moon. Maybe actually it's at a padang pasir at the Sahara.

Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins are the first three people who pasang'ed Astro on the moon. So now you can watch your satellite tv. Fast fast thank them.
Neil Armstron side parting hairstyle memang certified hensem gila era 1960an... together with the astro dish... just kurang Astro Installer mia T-shirt, semalam lepas pakai tak cuci siap lagi.
Nah this is sumbangan ikhlas NASA kepada umat Malaysia. Bestnya hidup dengan Astro.

Then the Chinese Taikonaut pulak... 100% rupa memang orang Mainland. Ohya for the term "Taiko"naut Remember the Yellowman in the cinema? Yea yea Tai Ko maa....

...end up kena busted after talking so loud.

Watch this clip! another Yellowman goin to space.

Now our Bolehland is sending Angkasawan... meaning to say, Oxford Dictionary gonna add a new term inside soon, bringing in the same meaning as in the Kamus Dewan. I wonder are they gonna change it to Angkasawanaut?

or Juggernaut?

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is the primary crew. Certified hensem lah!

and also Kapt Dr Faiz Khaleed will be joining him soon.

The funny thing is that the Russians reli tot both them are supermen. All because of the wrong info that they can run 36km in an hour.

Wah lidat means they can beat that Ethiopian marathon record holder Haile Grebreselassie adee rite... Luckily they later admitted that it's 3.6km in an hour... so it's not so ordinary liao.

After Measat 1 and 2, plus TiongSat...and also RazakSat coming up!

I wana say Malaysia Boleh!
I wana emphasize again... Malaysia Boleh!!!

and God speeds with the Angkasawan!

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KaRyEe said...

Haiyo...according to the video...that "tangan kuat" really never go to moon le...is a set behind his house only...with speciall light effect...HAHA....

anN said...

That Side parting hairstyle..-_-|| Sweat...

angelinemiss said...

hahah.. angkasawanaut...
actually right, i luv this post.. cukup farnee... hahaha

danno said...

malaysian spaceman are called can or not