Sunday, October 21, 2007

8TV - Jit Shiong Wants To Be A Model

*Kindly type VOTE JIT and text to 36677, applicable in Malaysia only*

A fren of mine is in the Grand Finale of the fehmes 8TV modelling competition I Wanna Be a Model. Yeoh Jit Shiong lo..who else... Almost whole Penang oledi rocked by his appearance in TV.
Nah there, standing in white jacket at the back. Can't see clearly? Soli ah, read on and you'll see.

So I went to his roadshow recently and bumped into him. Too bad tarak camera dat time. I went to his friendster korek pictures to show you his kehenseman.

Tall, dark and hensem hensem wan... All rounder, smart ass and damn he is the man lah...

Wana know more? Go to his friendster lah ok? Banyak banyak story boleh personally tanya dia. Be fast ok? Later he become model liao busy no time adee.. LOL.

This is not a Moolah making post or not doing this by his request neither. This is a sincere tribute to a steady fren of mine. A kaki bola, an honoured ex-DSC, reputable ex-TL of 7th GT(S) and also a true fren who will always be there to help and advise me at all times.

Harap-harap when he fehmes adee can tarik me along also kekeke...

So people, c'mon let's vote for Jit Shiong !

*Kindly type VOTE JIT and text to 36677, applicable in Malaysia only*

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4 people crapped nia? Gimme more!:

kshern said...


i've always said he should be a model and now he's one step closer!

i'll put up a blog post in support of his bid too.

jason said...

certified handsome.

but i am not gay btw...

just admire his looks and he is so suitable to be a model

vote vote vote!

sabrina said...

does he have 6 or 8 packs?

cos models normally has, if yes he would be just perfect!

jimmy said...

i am more to America's Next Top Model show...din know you guys have such an eventful show too