Friday, September 14, 2007

Why I Love Moolah Site?

So, I signed up for another Moolah site last July.

My blogging past time has certainly gone one step forward. For the better of course!

Eversince, it is undeniable that I have made some lil fortune... Small time earning though as I do not really post much recently. 20-30 USD perhaps? That is just from 2 posts.

In fact, what really makes me love about this Moolah site is the effectiveness of the support team and efficiency of the whole Moolah family. Whenever you got an inquiry or any doubt, the support team is always there to give a helping hand. Hence, there is no need to hassle or crack your head for problems like unsettled payments and stuff. After that, those money...with them I can easily SHOP at eBay!! Woohoo! So easy!

The best part is that I've made a few friends via this Moolah site itself. As we all know, in this blogsphere, there is no boundary for us to make new friends. This Moolah site helps me to get to know many other blogger who are keen to help one another in blogging as well and making money! Besides, it helps my blog's traffic generation too.
Cool isn't it?

C'mon! Join Us today!

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2 people crapped nia? Gimme more!: said...

Psst...if this is a paid post, you cannot link me. Quote ok but no link to me cos they dun allow it. Secondly, the word traffic generation has to be built into your sentence and not on a line on its own. Faster change, ok? Before the reviewers come by. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give a shout, I can share whatever I learnt. And good luck making money! said...

One more thing, your TextLinkAds have to change to their tiny URL, get a new one from TLA cos the current one doesn't work anymore. I kepoh hor? Next time, I 'chia lu ciak kopi' ok?