Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Tribute to The Special One

José Mourinho, GOIH (pron. IPA /ʒu'zɛ mo'ɾiɲu/) (full name: José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix) (born January 26, 1963 in Setúbal) is a Portuguese football manager. He is the son of Félix Mourinho, a former Portuguese international goalkeeper.
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What can I say about this guy... 4 consecutive league titles (2 with Porto, 2 with Chelsea) and a FA Cup and 2 more Carling Cups... 3 glorious years at Chelsea...but still kena sacked.... but not to disgrace him, Chelsea said it's a mutual consent contract termination.

Personally, I respect him as a coach of Man Utd's rival. He is talented, undeniably. But at times, in fact most fo the time, I tulan his behaviour! Si pek hao lian....

He came with such a bang! Smiling.... He was the European Champion with Porto. Smiling!

Due to extreme workload and pressure from Man Utd and Arsenal... He pening... Hair become more curly and face starts to grow wrinkle.

Pressure from Roman to ask him work harder...Disgruntled...Just as TULAN as other coaches...
NO MORE SMILE into the third season.

Before he leaves, hair all gone... Cracked his head, but Drogba and Sheva din deliver, Ballack also disappoint him... SO he left.... with a cheeky smile cos he made enuff money for his life time to spend.

A song by the special one in their changing room. Drogba and Duff as clowns.

Lastly, a song tribute to Man Utd and Jose...

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kshern said...

muahahahaha.....the idiot one is gone! chelsea starts to self-destruct! long live man utd!!!

Eve said...

ask me go see such video =.=