Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today 12th September 2007

Before I start studying, let me reflect what I've done for the day.

I've learnt new things!

Yes, my coursemates, friends, dear and parents said I grew fatter... especially when you refer to my picture wearing that Seiko. Fat Face? OMG!!!

and also in the laboratory today.

My ecthing solution!!!

and I found out a new chemical reaction with this chemical equation!

10ml of nitric acid 65% + 20ml of hydrochloric acid 70% + 20ml glycerol + 10ml hydrogen peroxide = highyly toxic = dizzy = vomit!

better be careful my friends!

dun pray pray!

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2 people crapped nia? Gimme more!:

L'abeille said...

Fat? where got fat? aiyoo..

kshern said... la...chubbier....but it's good wat....hok siong!

if you dowan can pass some of your flesh to me...i look really thin according to all the comments i've received in the past year or so...