Monday, September 10, 2007

Seductive, Sensual and Simplicity

Last month, I said I had enough of it.

It's about time for me to fork out some of my savings for a new darling of mine.

I can't stand it anymore.

It repeatedly broken my heart in these few years.

Disappointing me at crucial moments, left me in disarray.

When I need her, she's not there for me.

She even flew off at times, left me searching for her everywhere.

Now that I'm tired, I decided to go for a new one.

Bubye Nike Sports Triax Ballistic Speed Watch.

Thanks for your company since 2000.

Welcome to my life, SEIKO SNA-487.

What makes her so special?

Hell yeah I don't have to worry about the snapping of my wriststrap anymore.

I don't have to worry about minor scratches on its surface already!


So I went to this shop in KOMTAR which is so famous for selling watches.

I bet they got the most complete set of Seiko watches.

Be it City Chain or big big commercial watch shops, I found out that this store offers the lowest bargainable watches with wide range of variety.

It doesn't matter anyway, I've made my research from different shops from Penang to KL, plus some info from to

Prizes are more or less the same as I've pictured this SNA-487 for a long time ago.

Here are the specifications:

-durable gun-metal tray Titanium Carbide Nitride Tachymeter bezel
-Hour, minute and small second hands
-Alarm can be set on a 12-hour basis with two small hands
-Chronograph can measure up to 60 minutes in 1/5 seconds
-Alarm hands can indicate the time in a different time zone
-Screwdown Crown and Caseback
-LumiBrite Hands & Markers for Night-time Visibility
-Clasp - 3-Fold, Push Button Release
-Water Resistancy - 100M
-Polished Stainless Steel and Titanium Case and Bracelet
-Movement type- Japanese Quartz
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal surface
-Manufacturer's 3 Year Warranty

Relaxed style, flashy design, men's alarm chronograph is fashionable and ready for work.

I managed to get around 30% discount for this time piece. Perfectly priced!

and I left happily with the watch!

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christal.loh said...

i love your watch...
so wat's the price after 30%...??

like all its specs...

plan to get a *nice* watch... after i save enough.. :D

cynthia_bee said...

oh new lover...:-)

L'abeille said...

Hi there,

I saw your 'face' on mybloglog, so as a kaypoh me..i jump over to your blog and see lor...first time reading and I kena "seduced"..

Nice blog! I'll add you to my link ;)

williamt said...

the beginning of this blog was nice..hhhaha

Des said...

christal: give me a wild much do u tink?

cynthia bee: yes indeed!

l'abeille: you have a nice blog too..that's why i was attracted too... very impressed with u super slim down post. Very touching!

William: Beginning nice oni ar? hehe thanks for the compliment

Eve said...

fat face ah? hahaha.... i see ur house.. i see mahjong table! KAU!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i know how much it cost....ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh..ask me...(speng)