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1st October

In my whole blogging cum ranting cum life sharing in this cyberspace, I would say I have never been tagged before. Until recently a hawt Bimbo came over to hand me the next chapter of this blogging life. I feel so honoured.

Many cases I wouldn't bother to do a meme or a tag... cos at times I do feel it is a lousy way to express my dull life. But this time, a super chun rocking babe came all the way from Singapore (although in cyberspace, distance ain't mean a thing) to tag me, a super celebrity tries to tag someone that is so anonymous in the blogsphere. I can't help but to return her this favour. Anyway, I have nothing to lose but gaining more friends, rite?

Being so curious and in the state of euphoria, Desmond doesn't know what he is supposed to do. He doesn't even know the true meaning of tagging and being tagged. So he decided to move his lazy bum to search for the definition and found this.

"A memetag or a blog tag in the blogsphere is a tag that is included in all posts that reference a meme. When a meme is started on a blog — for example, 'your top five favourite movies' — the meme tag is included at the foot of the text of each post that responds to the meme invitation.

By including a memetag, bloggers are recognising the initial creator of the meme and allowing them to track how their meme has spread across the blogosphere through the use of social media tools such as

While inclusion of a memetag is not mandatory, it is done in the spirit of information sharing across the web and is a system based on trust."

source: Wikipedia

Alrite, now that I know that I am suppose to get information and publish them right here. I need to blog about 3 events, 2 birthdays and a holiday that share the same date as my birth date. Frankly speaking, I haven't finish my assignments and now I have to search these info... haha for fun I would!

So I shall begin with a rather old skool way like "Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah" from RTM2 in the old days style... Like this...

On this day in the year 1985...

1st October Events

1869 - Austria issues the world's first postcards.
1880 - First electric lamp factory opened by Thomas Edison.
1969 - The Concorde supersonic transport plane breaks the sound barrier for the first time.

Oh... now only I know that on this day, people around the globe start to mail each other postcards, begin to use electric lamp and stop catching fireflies and use oil lamps as well as getting to travel faster than sound! Amazing isn't it? I wonder what kinda of impact I've made to the mankind's advancement since I was born...

none? lolz

1st October bird dates birthdays

1881 - William Boeing, American engineer
1966 - George Weah, Liberian politician and footballer

A great sign for me! You see... U guys know William Boeing rite? In case you don't, he is the founder of the Boeing Aviation Company... Still dunno? Aiyah you sure heard of those Boeing 747 laa.. big big planes know rite? He is the pioneer of aviation engineering in short. So coincident, Desmond is also an engineer-to-be in 1.5 years time... I wonder which field I should initiate? Desmond UFO Company? so that I can design alienated spacecrafts? argh..that's not gonna happen.

How about George Weah? Just so you know, he is the first African player to be crowned World Player of the Year and probably African best in history. Now he is already a humanitarian and a renowned politician in Liberia. He fight for his country's humanity rights. So is Desmond. He likes football but just not as good as Weah is. He likes to do charities too, but not so keen when he is especially busy in university... He may consider politics too if our MPs would behave and restrain foul languages while debating.

1st October Holiday

National Day of the People's Republic of China (1949)

This means a big deal okay? It signifies over 1.3 biilion people DO NOT have to work! What a way to honour my birth date. Not satisfied enough, cos you guys still have to work cos u're not working in China? If so, I shall declare that 1st October is a holiday...only in My Passion, My Life lolz

Apparently, the only thing we are celebrating on this day is the Hari Warga Tua a.k.a Old Citizen's Day. See.... Desmond remembers the old folks!

Now this meme list looks like dis:
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I shall continue to tag this poor fellas:

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Happy Belated Merdeka Malaysia!

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Anonymous said...

best giler your post on this...haha

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1.3 billion people do not need to work on your birthday...


happy early birthday!!!
~i know its a month away... :D