Friday, September 21, 2007

Wana Make a Hotel Reservation?

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Need a hotel, my friends?
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I'll surely going to book with them. Are you joining me? Let's travel with us!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Tribute to The Special One

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José Mourinho, GOIH (pron. IPA /ʒu'zɛ mo'ɾiɲu/) (full name: José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix) (born January 26, 1963 in Setúbal) is a Portuguese football manager. He is the son of Félix Mourinho, a former Portuguese international goalkeeper.
abstract from Wikipedia

What can I say about this guy... 4 consecutive league titles (2 with Porto, 2 with Chelsea) and a FA Cup and 2 more Carling Cups... 3 glorious years at Chelsea...but still kena sacked.... but not to disgrace him, Chelsea said it's a mutual consent contract termination.

Personally, I respect him as a coach of Man Utd's rival. He is talented, undeniably. But at times, in fact most fo the time, I tulan his behaviour! Si pek hao lian....

He came with such a bang! Smiling.... He was the European Champion with Porto. Smiling!

Due to extreme workload and pressure from Man Utd and Arsenal... He pening... Hair become more curly and face starts to grow wrinkle.

Pressure from Roman to ask him work harder...Disgruntled...Just as TULAN as other coaches...
NO MORE SMILE into the third season.

Before he leaves, hair all gone... Cracked his head, but Drogba and Sheva din deliver, Ballack also disappoint him... SO he left.... with a cheeky smile cos he made enuff money for his life time to spend.

A song by the special one in their changing room. Drogba and Duff as clowns.

Lastly, a song tribute to Man Utd and Jose...

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DialAFlight City Breaks

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Do you need a travelling helping guide? Need to book flights? Planning a trip ahead?
How about going to Montreal? Sydney anyone?

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This is friendly message by Dialaflight .

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I wana be like 'em

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Seen those happy faces with successfull money making?
I definitely wana be like them! - Blog Advertising in Asia! is the place to be if you too wana join in the big family.

What happend if i manage to cash out from advertlets? woo..... means i can go shop for more gadgets to improve my laptop definitely!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Sky Bar VS Luna Bar

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So, my big tauke Ynnek came down to KL last weekend.

After much "marvellous" planning together with buddies Ah Gin and Lau Lang, we decided to hit Sky Bar this time.
It is located at Level 33 of Traders Hotel, KL. Top of the building adee...

Bla bla... enough said. You wana know more details, go google la k...I oni share my experience and opinions about the places I've explored.

Let the photos do the talking.

Let the battle of the BARS begin.

My last visit to Luna Bar was in February, I guess won't have major changes la... Just to be fair in my opinion.

Part I - Sky Bar - Sheer class and elegance.

Upon my entrance, they've got bouncers holding all the guest out there... I mean what'sthe purpose? It's not like clubs where you need bouncers to control the crowd rite? It's supposed to be a high-end place where you can enjoy cozy night with booze plus light moments to unwind after a long week rite? Nevertheless, they were friendly. I tink it is because the bar is always fully booked.

Well, once we got ourselves in the bar, I rushed to the loo to the "fire rescue" routine. What can I do when Ynnek blasted the hotel toilet previously and I did not dare to answer my nature's call there. I kena tahan until I reached Sky Bar. WTF.... Anyway, Luna's toilet was far more better.

A nice view of the whole scene at Sky Bar with the "decorative" pool. The pool is just knee deep. Not for swim, just for bikini babes to soak in. LOLz... Sadly, there was none at that night.

A bar is not complete with a nice layout of bar with endless rounds of liquor and of cos skillful baristas. Being a trainee as a barista myself, I regard the bartenders at Sky Bar are just mere bartenders. Perhaps it is too crowded and no time for tricks, i presume. Anyway we did not try much of the signature cocktails there. Only Long Island and Malibu Dream for the girls.

How about the guys?

Wines for the night. A bottle of Brown Brothers 2003 Chardonnay white and another bottle of 2003 Shiraz. Guess, it lasted for one hour oni.., damn u kaki botols...

Got ppl like this lau lang, you tink the wine will last very long? GF went to toilet awhile oni, you went rampage! Sad ass freak.

So we decided to "bar" Lau Lang from our groupie pic. Cos he sabo all my wine, we F him aside.

I must highlight this! One nice part of the bar is that they have this macho DJ to spin for the nite. A perfect blend of music from Chill Out to RnB. He sets the mood for the joyous nite. Sadly, Luna doesn't have this but just pure DJ from the cds.

Located on the rooftop of Traders Hotel, we managed to get a picturesque view of this magnificient landmark.

Part II - Luna Bar - Sleek, classy, a class of its own

Guess what! This is the entrance. We dengan malunya failed to find the entrance until this automatic door slides open when we walked near it. We thought it was just a signboard. LOL.. so jakun... No bouncers, just stewards welcoming our arrival. Just nice.

Luna has the best bar I've seen. Long stretch with red neons underlining its trademark. A nice set of arrangement of bar with a line up of well trained baristas. I must say I like the bar alot.

Luna's nice decorative set beside the bar underneath the spiral stairs. Just so you know, Luna got two floors, just to add in some more space to compensate for its larger pool.

Notice the upper portion? That's the upper level of Luna.

A view from the top level. Blurred due to hazy condition in February dry spell. Not a perfect time to pay Luna a visit when it's hazy.

You can see more clearly of the magnificient bar. It's simply awesome. Right?

So what do you rate both bars?

Luna Bar or Sky Bar better?

The kaki botol felt the night was too young for them go return to their hotel, so we ended up in Poppy Garden for another round. Ada boss spare me for the whole night, not a bad way to spend a weekend rite? haha


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Coming Up Next!

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Nice? We'll see.
Sweeheng, U must be waiting for this damn long...

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Why I Love Moolah Site?

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So, I signed up for another Moolah site last July.

My blogging past time has certainly gone one step forward. For the better of course!

Eversince, it is undeniable that I have made some lil fortune... Small time earning though as I do not really post much recently. 20-30 USD perhaps? That is just from 2 posts.

In fact, what really makes me love about this Moolah site is the effectiveness of the support team and efficiency of the whole Moolah family. Whenever you got an inquiry or any doubt, the support team is always there to give a helping hand. Hence, there is no need to hassle or crack your head for problems like unsettled payments and stuff. After that, those money...with them I can easily SHOP at eBay!! Woohoo! So easy!

The best part is that I've made a few friends via this Moolah site itself. As we all know, in this blogsphere, there is no boundary for us to make new friends. This Moolah site helps me to get to know many other blogger who are keen to help one another in blogging as well and making money! Besides, it helps my blog's traffic generation too.
Cool isn't it?

C'mon! Join Us today!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today 12th September 2007

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Before I start studying, let me reflect what I've done for the day.

I've learnt new things!

Yes, my coursemates, friends, dear and parents said I grew fatter... especially when you refer to my picture wearing that Seiko. Fat Face? OMG!!!

and also in the laboratory today.

My ecthing solution!!!

and I found out a new chemical reaction with this chemical equation!

10ml of nitric acid 65% + 20ml of hydrochloric acid 70% + 20ml glycerol + 10ml hydrogen peroxide = highyly toxic = dizzy = vomit!

better be careful my friends!

dun pray pray!

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Holiday Cheer Throughout the Year!

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The moment has arrived!

It's when you can relieve ur work stress and get close to your loved ones!

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Seductive, Sensual and Simplicity

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Last month, I said I had enough of it.

It's about time for me to fork out some of my savings for a new darling of mine.

I can't stand it anymore.

It repeatedly broken my heart in these few years.

Disappointing me at crucial moments, left me in disarray.

When I need her, she's not there for me.

She even flew off at times, left me searching for her everywhere.

Now that I'm tired, I decided to go for a new one.

Bubye Nike Sports Triax Ballistic Speed Watch.

Thanks for your company since 2000.

Welcome to my life, SEIKO SNA-487.

What makes her so special?

Hell yeah I don't have to worry about the snapping of my wriststrap anymore.

I don't have to worry about minor scratches on its surface already!


So I went to this shop in KOMTAR which is so famous for selling watches.

I bet they got the most complete set of Seiko watches.

Be it City Chain or big big commercial watch shops, I found out that this store offers the lowest bargainable watches with wide range of variety.

It doesn't matter anyway, I've made my research from different shops from Penang to KL, plus some info from to

Prizes are more or less the same as I've pictured this SNA-487 for a long time ago.

Here are the specifications:

-durable gun-metal tray Titanium Carbide Nitride Tachymeter bezel
-Hour, minute and small second hands
-Alarm can be set on a 12-hour basis with two small hands
-Chronograph can measure up to 60 minutes in 1/5 seconds
-Alarm hands can indicate the time in a different time zone
-Screwdown Crown and Caseback
-LumiBrite Hands & Markers for Night-time Visibility
-Clasp - 3-Fold, Push Button Release
-Water Resistancy - 100M
-Polished Stainless Steel and Titanium Case and Bracelet
-Movement type- Japanese Quartz
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal surface
-Manufacturer's 3 Year Warranty

Relaxed style, flashy design, men's alarm chronograph is fashionable and ready for work.

I managed to get around 30% discount for this time piece. Perfectly priced!

and I left happily with the watch!

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Over 5 Free Hours of International Phone Calls!

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Or wana see Related pages ??? Hang on... Listen to me first!

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

1st October

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In my whole blogging cum ranting cum life sharing in this cyberspace, I would say I have never been tagged before. Until recently a hawt Bimbo came over to hand me the next chapter of this blogging life. I feel so honoured.

Many cases I wouldn't bother to do a meme or a tag... cos at times I do feel it is a lousy way to express my dull life. But this time, a super chun rocking babe came all the way from Singapore (although in cyberspace, distance ain't mean a thing) to tag me, a super celebrity tries to tag someone that is so anonymous in the blogsphere. I can't help but to return her this favour. Anyway, I have nothing to lose but gaining more friends, rite?

Being so curious and in the state of euphoria, Desmond doesn't know what he is supposed to do. He doesn't even know the true meaning of tagging and being tagged. So he decided to move his lazy bum to search for the definition and found this.

"A memetag or a blog tag in the blogsphere is a tag that is included in all posts that reference a meme. When a meme is started on a blog — for example, 'your top five favourite movies' — the meme tag is included at the foot of the text of each post that responds to the meme invitation.

By including a memetag, bloggers are recognising the initial creator of the meme and allowing them to track how their meme has spread across the blogosphere through the use of social media tools such as

While inclusion of a memetag is not mandatory, it is done in the spirit of information sharing across the web and is a system based on trust."

source: Wikipedia

Alrite, now that I know that I am suppose to get information and publish them right here. I need to blog about 3 events, 2 birthdays and a holiday that share the same date as my birth date. Frankly speaking, I haven't finish my assignments and now I have to search these info... haha for fun I would!

So I shall begin with a rather old skool way like "Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah" from RTM2 in the old days style... Like this...

On this day in the year 1985...

1st October Events

1869 - Austria issues the world's first postcards.
1880 - First electric lamp factory opened by Thomas Edison.
1969 - The Concorde supersonic transport plane breaks the sound barrier for the first time.

Oh... now only I know that on this day, people around the globe start to mail each other postcards, begin to use electric lamp and stop catching fireflies and use oil lamps as well as getting to travel faster than sound! Amazing isn't it? I wonder what kinda of impact I've made to the mankind's advancement since I was born...

none? lolz

1st October bird dates birthdays

1881 - William Boeing, American engineer
1966 - George Weah, Liberian politician and footballer

A great sign for me! You see... U guys know William Boeing rite? In case you don't, he is the founder of the Boeing Aviation Company... Still dunno? Aiyah you sure heard of those Boeing 747 laa.. big big planes know rite? He is the pioneer of aviation engineering in short. So coincident, Desmond is also an engineer-to-be in 1.5 years time... I wonder which field I should initiate? Desmond UFO Company? so that I can design alienated spacecrafts? argh..that's not gonna happen.

How about George Weah? Just so you know, he is the first African player to be crowned World Player of the Year and probably African best in history. Now he is already a humanitarian and a renowned politician in Liberia. He fight for his country's humanity rights. So is Desmond. He likes football but just not as good as Weah is. He likes to do charities too, but not so keen when he is especially busy in university... He may consider politics too if our MPs would behave and restrain foul languages while debating.

1st October Holiday

National Day of the People's Republic of China (1949)

This means a big deal okay? It signifies over 1.3 biilion people DO NOT have to work! What a way to honour my birth date. Not satisfied enough, cos you guys still have to work cos u're not working in China? If so, I shall declare that 1st October is a holiday...only in My Passion, My Life lolz

Apparently, the only thing we are celebrating on this day is the Hari Warga Tua a.k.a Old Citizen's Day. See.... Desmond remembers the old folks!

Now this meme list looks like dis:
Mommyness is Happiness
This is a miracle
Life's Prisms
Room of my heart
My Passion, My Life

I shall continue to tag this poor fellas:

1. Choyman's The Blog
3. Jason's Surfing
4. aL's Side of Story
5. E-V-E apple 4 today !
Happy Belated Merdeka Malaysia!

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