Friday, August 24, 2007

A Week It Was

Alrite, no more food post... at least for now.
But then sure got sneak peek about something that I whacked into my tummy.
Cos I live to EAT.
So this time only a few pics, cos the pics quality from my cameraphone is kinda bad.
The past week has been a busy one for me.
I've been stuck in the lab for days, in front of microscope, in front of grinding machine...
polishing my sample like hell...
Even my nails got screwed up.
Who asks me to do engineering...
Nah this is product of UM engineering faculty. The solar car, half way completed i tink.
Ok, World Badminton Championships are over. Actually I went there to witness Malaysians in action. It was on Wednesday, the Second Rounds. That time, Malaysian shuttlers were still gallant. Nampak aje hebat, cos play with much weaker opponents.
I was too busy shouting, and I forgot to bring camera! so only this photo available from my V3xx.

It was Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong vs Roman Spitko-Michel Fuchs. Malaysian played well, thrashed the German pair in 20 minutes.

It was dramatic that day, where Taufik Hidayat lost to India's Anup Sridhar...the very first match I watched when I arrived. It ended with Taufik threwing away his expensive racket to the crowd. Wat a waste I din manage to grab it.

While on my way back, I saw this Kenari parked near my house. With a KFC ah pek face... Duno wat Kolonel ah pek adee..

Now I know why KFC so popular... bcos got one Bapak Ayam... This Kenari is purely PIMPed.

SO before I end this short post, I kasi sikit food pics that I took from La Cabana, Penang. I had set lunch with my parent and gf there last week. Cheap and nice!

Grilled Fish, RM15.90 i tink. very nice and fresh. Sedap.

There, my mum cannot wait to eat adee...Utensils also pegang ketat ketat adee.. HOHOHO

My Gf ordered this Monte Cristo Chicken. Paling sedap among the 3 dishes.

...and this is my Rib-Eyed Steak. Medium done is just perfect for beef lover like me.

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bc said...

yo bapak ayam.

Wan Yean said...

mana tu la cabana?

Des said...

Choyman: La Cabana kat burmah road sana...just before u turn into Transfer Road la doink!

BC= Buaya Crocodile : Yo Master Pimp!

karyee said...

now ma comment comment lor... funny la the 'Chicken Daddy'....HAHAHA...u always eat nice nice food one...i bo lui eat...belanja me lah!

The Bimbo said...

You've been tagged!


SeeWhyAsAN said...

UM invention thingy looks like a hearse.. hahahaha..
n damn d food.. u cant find stuff like tat in kt.. dar darn.. i kelaparan gila d....